What’s the Best Legacy Deck? – Legacy Power Rankings – October Update

Ragavan decks have officially shaped the format and various Izzet decks are sitting at the top of the Legacy Power Ranking. Let’s see what the best Legacy deck is and what you can do with or without the dreadful Monkey!



10. Reanimator/Oops All Spells

GriselbrandBalustrade SpyDark Ritual


Reanimator and Oops All Spells are able to win the game on turn one with protection in Unmask, Grief or Pact of Negation. They prey on the format by slow down and letting decks cannibalize themselves with expensive card advantage engines that won’t come to fruition in this matchup.

However, thanks for Daze, Force of Will and Force of Negation, it’s very common that these grindy deck are able to fight the fast combo decks, especially post-sideboard where Surgical Extraction and Endurance will come in to hunt the fast graveyard decks, though they are still worth respecting.


9. Elves

Allosaurus ShepherdGlimpse of NatureCraterhoof Behemoth


Allosaurus Shepherd is a menace for every blue deck, and because of this, Elves is able to go unchecked with either a combo kill thanks to Glimpse of Nature or a safe Progenitus found with Natural Order.

Modern Horizons 2 didn’t bring a whole lot of new toys to the deck, but some lists feature one copy of Grist, the Hunger Tide, which you can tutor up with Green Sun’s Zenith as it’s a creature both in the deck and on the stack while being a planeswalker in play.

Another factor that plays in favor of Elves lately is the fact that Plague Engineer is seeing very little play since Delver decks moved to be pure Izzet and Maverick decks also moved to be pure Selesnya.


8. Yorion Death & Taxes 

Aether VialThalia, Guardian of ThrabenYorion, Sky Nomad


The Death & Taxes we see these days is different than what we’ve been used to. It’s playing 80 cards with Yorion, Sky Nomad as a companion. Because of this, you’re able to increase your Equipment selection and add Kaldra Compleat to race and quickly defeat a Delver deck that doesn’t have any way to deal with an hasty 5/5 that can kill anything that tries to stop it.

Solitude is another addition that’s making the deck tick, with Yorion ready to be pitched whenever you need that free spell.

Yorion has a powerful blink ability in this deck, where you don’t have a problem ticking Aether Vial up to five or just playing a longer game to deploy that fifth land drop. 


7. Lands

Dark DepthsLife from the LoamValakut Exploration


Lands is having a resurgence due to combo decks being at an all time low.

You’re able to grind blue decks by gaining card advantage with Life from the Loam, Sylvan Library and Valakut Exploration while disrupting the opponent with Wasteland, Rishadan Port and Punishing Fire. Finally, you can win the game thanks to a trusty Marit Lage off of Dark Depths.


6. Four Color Control

Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathExpressive IterationPrismatic Ending


Our own Anuraag Das, aka AnziD, keeps on innovating control and gave birth to a variation of Bant Miracles that’s splashing red for Expressive Iteration and sideboard Pyroblasts.

With blue being so dominant in Legacy, it’s mandatory to have access to Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blasts to trade one-for-one with card draw engines like Expressive Iteration and hard-to-answer threats like Murktide Regent.

Along with two Sylvan Library, two Jace, the Mind Sculptor and two Snapcaster Mages, Anuraag Das wanted to play more card advantage engines and decided to extend its splash even further to Expressive Iteration to really be able to grind the blue decks as well as you possibly can. 


5. Doomsday

Thassa's Oracle

Doomsday is the best combo deck in Legacy at the moment as it doesn’t fold to graveyard hate or a single counterspell like many other combo decks in Legacy do.

Your goal is to resolve Doomsday and find yourself a pile that wins the game thanks to Thassa’s Oracle either in the same turn or comfortably the turn after thanks to Cavern of Souls.

Consider is a new addition and it’s giving the deck an addition win condition in the same turn you’re casting Doomsday with just a cycler (Street Wraith or Edge of Autumn) and one blue mana spare.

Your five-cards pile needs to be in this order: Consider → Deep AnalysisLion’s Eye DiamondLotus PetalThassa’s Oracle. After you’ve resolved your Doomsday and cycled your Street Wraith to draw Consider, you can pay one blue to mill Deep Analysis and draw Lion’s Eye Diamond, which will let you flashback Deep Analysis, leaving one blue mana left to draw into Lotus Petal and Thassa’s Oracle and win the game, playing around any removal spells since your deck count will be zero.


4. Bant Miracles

Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathEnduranceTerminus


Bant Miracles is still your home for Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and Terminus. It’s the true control deck of the format – the one that isn’t playing red for Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer.

Endurance is great against Doomsday and Dragon’s Rage Channeler, and it’s definitely one of the most important addition from Modern Horizons 2 to this deck.

While this list earlier had Four Color Control, brewed and brought to prominence by our own AnziD that features a red splash for Expressive Iteration and Pyroblast, I still believe that trusty Bant Miracles is a more solid choice overall.


3. Jeskai MonkeyStill

Prismatic EndingUrza's SagaStandstill


Jeskai MonkeyStill is a Standstill deck featuring Urza’s Saga to break the stall. However, we often see this combination of colors featuring different decks that can welcome various shells from Dragon’s Rage Channeler to Predict to Expressive Iteration to any control decks that want to take advantage of Urza’s Saga and Retrofitter Foundry.

White gives you the best removal spells possible between Swords to Plowshares and Prismatic Ending, so it’s definitely a great color to choose as your back up if you don’t want to go to the face with Lightning Bolt in an aggressive deck like Izzet Delver. 

I would say that Jeskai Midrange, or MonkeyStill, is a strong control deck, able to play a great defensive game with the best removal in the format, as well as having a great late game thanks to Urza’s Saga while also presenting the dreadful turn one Ragavan.


2. Izzet Sagavan


Legacy Izzet Sagavan by Bullwinkkle6705


Very similar to Izzet Delver, this Izzet Sagavan list by Bullwinkkle6705 has been placing incredibly strong performances in the last month and skyrockets all the way up to the second place.


Ragavan, Nimble PilfererUrza's SagaExpressive Iteration


This deck list is different than the usual Jeskai MonkeyStill we’re used to seeing, which netted third place on the Power Rankings. This deck is more similar to Izzet Delver although it’s cutting down on threats for four Urza’s Saga to give the deck a better game against control as well as more stability against Wasteland decks.


1. Izzet Delver


Legacy Izzet Delver by Kentaro_Hokori


In these last few months, we’ve seen Izzet Delver evolve and adapt to the new Modern Horizons 2 threats and cut down to two Delver of Secrets.


Ragavan, Nimble PilfererDragon's Rage ChannelerMurktide Regent

We’ve seen it cutting its basic lands for Steam Vents and we’ve seen it trying Unholy Heat, but eventually this 75 seems to be final form of the deck with basic lands and Gut Shot to be ready for two of the most played cards in the format: Wasteland and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer.



I chose to add many “new” decks in this Top 10 that are just variation of other more common decks, leaving out other good choices like Sneak & Show, GW Reclaimer and Mono-Red Prison that are still solid decks and can easily take down a MTGO Legacy Challenge any time.

I believe that metagame changes in Legacy happen slowly, but thanks to MTGO and the power of these new cards, we can see things moving way quicker than we’re used to. 



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