What’s the Best Deck in Historic? – Historic Power Rankings – 10/5/21

There haven’t really been any tournaments in Historic since Innistrad: Midnight Hunt got released, so today I will rank the decks mostly by Untapped.gg winrates from Arena play between Platinum and Mythic and see what the best deck in Historic currently is.



1. Jeskai Control


The best deck before Innistrad came out is still very likely the best deck now. Jeskai just has all the best answers, access to Magma Opus and Torrential Gearhulk and great sideboard cards. Untapped.gg has Jeskai at 60.9 percent win rate. 


2. Mono-Red Delirium


I’m going to call this deck Delirium rather than Madness because the two key cards are Dragon’s Rage Channeler and Unholy Heat. Magmatic Channeler has recently started seeing play in this list and it’s been great for me when I tried it. Untapped.gg has Mono-Red at a whooping 67.4 percent win rate between Platinum and Mythic. 


3. Mono-White Humans


This might be a little bit of a surprise but Mono-White has been recently crushing the ladder with a win rate of 65.7 percent. This deck doesn’t really get to play anything new except for Esper Sentinel, which is good in combination with all the buffs from Luminarch Aspirant and Thalia’s Lieutenant. Mono-White is a great choice for Best-of-One as well.


4. Jeskai Creativity


This deck is excellent for ladder play because your opponent doesn’t know your deck list and can’t really mulligan for the right answers. Creativity for Serra’s Emissary naming creatures is game over against most decks in Game 1. A 62.7 percent ladder win rate between Platinum and Mythic seems about right to me. 


5. Jund Food


With creature decks being so popular at the moment, it makes sense to bring back the good old combo of Mayhem Devil, Cauldron Familiar and Witch’s Oven. Even though Jeskai is not your best matchup, you can still grind them out with Trail of Crumbs and Korvold, Fae-Cursed King pretty easily. 


6. Selesnya Company

Thalia's LieutenantCollected CompanyYasharn, Implacable Earth


This is basically Mono-White but you splash green for Collected Company. This means you get to find Thalia’s Lieutenant more often and also get access to Yasharn, Implacable Earth out of the sideboard. 


7. Izzet Phoenix

Arclight PhoenixFaithless LootingUnholy Heat


It is still unclear to me whether Delver has a place in this deck without Brainstorm or not, but either way this is still a very fine deck to play, especially with Unholy Heat as a great removal spell that you get to replace Magma Spray with. 


8. Selesnya Angels


I wouldn’t recommend this deck for a big tournament, but it has apparently been crushing on the Arena ladder. It does make sense, as this is another deck that should be good against other creature decks. A 64.8 percent win rate between Platinum and Mythic is pretty impressive, although the sample size is relatively small.


9. Auras

Kor SpiritdancerSram, Senior EdificerAll That Glitters


Don’t sleep on Auras. This deck is very flexible when it comes to how you want to build it and it’s not even clear to me whether you want to play Azorius or Orzhov at the moment. Black gives you access to discard spells, which is better in a heavy Jeskai meta, and blue gives you access to Staggering Insight, which should be better against creature decks. 


10. Gruul Aggro


If you’re a fan of a good old fashioned beatdown supported by Embercleave and Collected Company, Gruul is still a fine deck to play. I’d recommend a few cheap removal spells in the sideboard like Magma Spray so you have some early defense against the super aggressive decks like Mono-White and Mono-Red.



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