What Graveyard Hate Should You Play? Lantern vs. Spellbomb

When selecting graveyard hate for Lurrus of the Dream-Den decks, you’re interested in finding an inexpensive artifact that you can recur with Lurrus. This means that Relic of Progenitus doesn’t fit the bill, as Relic will exile itself, and Grafdigger’s Cage doesn’t work either as it turns off Lurrus’s ability altogether. This leaves Lurrus pilots with two main choices: Soul-Guide Lantern or Nihil Spellbomb. The two cards are very similar, but I’d like to briefly go over the main differences between the two and when you should choose to play either card. 



Pros of Nihil Spellbomb

Nihil Spellbomb
  • The main upside of Nihil Spellbomb when compared to Soul-Guide Lantern is that you can exile your opponents whole graveyard while also getting to draw a card if you have a spare mana laying around. This is particularly relevant against other Lurrus decks and Murktide Regent, where the graveyard hate is relevant but you can’t afford to fall behind on cards. 
  • Spellbomb can also effectively counter a Drown in the Loch, Surgical Extraction or Crypt Incursion by exiling your own graveyard, something Lantern can’t do. 

Pros of Soul-Guide Lantern

Soul-Guide Lantern
  • The main upside of Soul-Guide Lantern is that you can exile your opponent’s graveyard even if they have hexproof from Leyline of Sanctity while Spellbomb is stopped because it targets. This is particularly relevant versus both Dredge and Living End, which are of course the main decks you want graveyard hate against. 
  • Lantern exiling a card when it enters the battlefield is also really relevant versus decks like reanimator, effectively turning it into two pieces of graveyard hate in one card. 

With these thoughts in mind, in general I recommend playing Spellbomb if you feel the card is important in your sideboard plan versus Lurrus and Murktide, and playing Lantern if not.


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