What Commander Deck Should You Build for Your D&D Class? – Wizard

Wizards are the nerdy cousins of the sorcerers. This class is all about using accumulated knowledge to deliver devastating spells before going back to your studies. They’re also very, very fragile. As anyone who’s played a Wizard in Dungeons & Dragons knows, they can be killed by a stiff breeze.

Magic is chock full of wizards in various color combinations, doing a huge range of magical nonsense. So which Wizard is for you? Let’s dive into this most learned of classes and see how they work as Commanders.



The Wizard class as D&D lays it out is most similar to mono-blue. You can absolutely play other colors and if you want to use say, Tasha, the Witch Queen, you can add black. Elminster gives you white and he couldn’t look more like the archetypal wizard.

For our purposes though, we’ll stick to mono-blue. We’re looking for a more considered approach than the sorcerer, and the knowledge and intellectual focus of blue makes much more sense than splashing another color.

Azami, Lady of ScrollsBaral, Chief of Compliance (Timeshifted)Arcanis the OmnipotentGadwick, the Wizened

A Wizard really should be looking to grow their knowledge and thus their power, so we want card draw and spellcasting and basically very little else. That means Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Baral, Chief of Compliance, Arcanis the Omnipotent and Gadwick, the Wizened are my top choices.

Laboratory Maniac (Timeshifted)

Azami lets you go to town on Wizards, packing your deck with them and drawing an insane number of cards. You’re effectively leaning into the learning part of wizardry, each card you draw a new spell you’ve learned. Once you have enough, you can win with sheer card advantage or Laboratory Maniac if you reach the end of the deck. 

Baral is a little slower, even more considered. He lets you draw and discard, which is powerful, but requires more thought and planning than Azami, who goes off with a couple of wizards and a Reliquary Tower. Baral discounts your spells too, making him a potent threat for just two mana, and he’s flavorfully fragile with three toughness.

Mind Over Matter

Arcanis is not only able to draw you cards, he’s a combo engine. Stick Mind Over Matter on the battlefield and that’s usually all she wrote. Ancestral Recall on a stick is absolutely no joke and if you can find any way to untap him, you bury your opponents in card advantage – basically you learn more than they do and become a threat they can’t stop.


Finally, Gadwick is able to draw cards and toy with your opponent’s creatures. You can hold up instants to play pre-combat and ensure no-one can attack you. Put Propaganda in the deck and suddenly you’re very, very hard to handle.

All these Wizards, and many more, benefit from having lots of redundant card draw and some combo finishes. Sometimes the combo is Thassa’s Oracle and having very few cards left, but you need to find noncombat ways to win. Wizard tribal can do combat, but you want to play the Wizard as class, which isn’t really a tribal thing.

All you need, really, is a bunch of cards that represent the spells you’ve learned, and the time to cast them. 


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