What Can Stop Jeskai Hinata? Try Standard Grixis Control!


Standard Grixis Control by Mauro Sasso




Jeskai Hinata has been dominating Standard for the past month. Is there nothing that can stop the the powerful combo-control shell? Magic Online Grinder Graciasportanto, aka Mauro Sasso, found the solution – Grixis Control! 

Hullbreaker HorrorSoul Shatter

The GP Santiago winner took down the Standard Challenge this weekend with a deck built in mind to beat Jeskai Hinata. Grixis Control is trying to keep the board clean and finish the opponent off with Hullbreaker Horror. Mauro plays two copies of Soul Shatter to cleanly take out Hinata and Goldspan Dragon and has two more copies in the sideboard. This decision leaves no doubt on what Sasso is targeting here. When an archetype like Jeskai Hinata becomes so dominant, it makes sense to build your entire deck around beating it. 

Wandering MindDisdainful Stroke

A cool addition that you don’t see often is Wandering Mind. It’s a cheap creature that creates card advantage, has an enter-the-battlefield trigger to copy for value with Reflection of Kiki-Jiki and dodges both Negate as well as Disdainful Stroke

The stock of Disdainful Stroke has been going up to defeat Jeskai Hinata. Against Mauro’s deck, Disdainful Stroke is outright embarrassing. Those are the types of things you should look out for when building and brewing in a format. Ask yourself: what cards can I play around by building my deck in a certain way?

If you’re looking for a way to break the stale metagame in Standard, Grixis Control by Graciasportanto looks to be an excellent choice.


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