Waste Not Brew Off Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted decks for the Waste Not Brew Off! There were lots of great submissions filled with great ideas for how to use this popular card.

I received over 100 submissions once again—among them were crazy combos, crazy engines, crazy brews. While I can only pick 1 winner for the $25 CFB certificate I want to showcase some of my favorites.

Waste Not Combos

Waste Not works well with conventional black discard. Tear their hand apart, make Zombies, make mana, draw cards.

Though, you only get 1 trigger at a time this way, and what if the opponent empties their hand?

Burning Inquiry is nutso with Waste Not. Even on an empty handyou get 3 triggers from Waste Not.

You could use the mana trigger to cast Dream Salvage to draw another 3 cards. Ancestral Recall or better. This is starting to sound crazy…

Dark Deal and Wistful Thinking are some other good options for mass discard at 3 mana.

Dark Deal is a lot like the brokenWindfall. This effect may be slow in Modern at 3 mana, but it is definitely worth a try.

Wistful Thinking is a bit more consistent for mass discard, but the ceiling is lower.

Overall, two good options.

If you want to go big, Wheel of Fate and Reforge the Soul can do work with Waste Not. Wheel of Fate is a bit harder to break, but if you can make either of these work you can use Waste Not as a crazy combo engine.

There were some other unique combos presented, but these were the most common. Now I’ll spotlight some of the more unique ones, though invariably some of the cooler ones will stay secret.

Best Aggro Version

Most Waste Not brews were combo decks or control decks, so I had to highlight this aggro version. Waste Not can fuel some crazy Gurmag Angler into Vengevine starts for massive bodies attacking in the early game. Check it out:

Brett Hiser’s Necromancer’s Gamble

Best Midrange Version

Representing the midrange contingent is this Waste Not + Death Cloud brew.

Using Golgari disruptive tools to slow the game down can set up a crazy Death Cloud situation. One potential flaw with this version is the opponent’s hand emptying early and staying empty.

Eric Millington’s Death Cloud Waste Not

Most Unique Shell

There were several cascade versions using the same idea as Living End or old Hypergenesis decks. Cascade can only hit Waste Not or Wheel of Fate.

The nut draw of this strategy is insane:

Simian Spirit Guide into Waste Not, Simian Spirit Guide to cascade into Wheel of Fate for 7 Waste Not triggers on the 2nd turn. Draw 7+ cards, hit the 3rd Spirit Guide and a Demonic Dread and try to Wheel of Fate again. Totally crazy scenarios are possible.

Matt Aloisio’s “It’s a Trap”

Sweetest Engine

Not necessarily the most competitive, but the sweetest engine I saw was the Jace’s Archivist/Magus of the Jar combo decks. Send something out with Lightning Greaves and start churning.

The potential to hit Fatestitcher in the process for extra draws can go crazy.

Nicolas Swift

Waste Not Winner

Using Waste Not alongside Pyromancer Ascension as a storm combo engine is genius. This has the potential to be extremely competitive in fueling a black/red storm combo deck in Modern.

Waste Not can serve a similar function as a 2-mana enchantment that can fuel crazy wins. Alongside Pyromancer Ascension we can build a fast and consistent new kind of storm combo deck.

There were a few of these Storm Combo decks submitted, none of them necessarily perfect, but I picked my favorite out of the lot.

Seth Kerin’s Tibbers Waste Not

“This deck is obviously a hybrid of storm with Pyromancer Ascension and discard to power Waste Not. As we are using the graveyard, Tibalt’s random discard isn’t painful, and the most powerful planeswalker provides a welcome distraction, not to mention a 7-shot to the face of our opponent after a Reforge the Soul. Our plan A is sticking one of our powerful enchantments and going bananas from there. Plan B is the burn-’em-out option with Bolts and Tibbers chip shots. Sometimes we storm, sometimes we get a ton of Zombies. Plenty of options, and though Spirit Guide is primarily for the fast mana, the Ape can sometimes just be a beater.

Sideboard we have a few options, allowing us to hate on opponent’s hate, or just make a ton of weenies with Young Pyro.

Tibbers Waste Not is competitive. I’ve been running it a while and it gets a surprising number of wins, but where it really shines is in multiplayer games. This deck made five opponents simultaneously rage-scoop when I had 2 Waste Nots, an active Ascension, and miracled a Reforge the Soul! I believe it was around turn 5 when this happened, so it has the potential to be very fast.

Besides, who doesn’t want to play with Tibalt and Waste Not? :)”

Waste Not Brews

Once again thanks to everyone who participated in the Waste Not Brew Off.

We saw some really exciting ideas, especially the Waste Not Storm Combos. I’m drawing inspiration from various ideas to build my own version of Waste Not Storm—I think it could be an awesome new archetype and I’m glad to give it some spotlight.

Next week we will start again. But first, what was your favorite featured Waste Not strategy? How would you tweak these now with information from the collective?

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