Want to Rank Up Quickly? Play Alchemy UR Mill!


Alchemy UR Mill by mojoe rogue




Today, I want to showcase an Alchemy Best-of-One deck that I considered playing for the Arena Open Day 2 – UR Mill! If you’re looking for a way to rank up quickly that doesn’t use any of the new Alchemy cards, this is the deck for you. No need for a single wildcard investment!

This deck got popularized by Streamer mojoe_rogue who reached the respectable Rank #2 on the Mythic ladder and Rivals League player Matti Kuisma reached Day 2 with the deck. At one point, Izzet Mill had an astonishing 65 percent win rate on the Best-of-One Mythic Ladder; the second highest win rate was 58 percent for comparison, according to Untapped.gg. The list above is the latest one by mojoe rogue, with just a few tweaks by myself.

Ruin CrabTasha's Hideous LaughterMaddening CacophonyDual Strike

This deck is trying to mill the opponent early with Ruin Crab and finish them off by copying Tasha’s Hideous Laughter once or twice. Maddening Cacophony can be kicked late for a huge mill or used early in case you have to be fast. Dual Strike fits the strategy nicely because you can foretell the card on turn two and set yourself up for copying Tasha’s Hideous Laughter as early as turn four. You can also copy a kicked Maddening Cacophony when you have seven mana and Dual Strike on foretell.

Why did I consider playing Mill on Day 2 of the Arena Open? I knew from experience that Mill is very strong against control and I was expecting a ton of control on Day 2. Nonetheless, I still had to build a sideboard for Best-of-Three from scratch and my experience with Mill was very limited. I chose to avoid the risk and instead play a deck I’m comfortable with – Izzet Control. Check out the Deck Guide coming out soon to CFB Pro!

If you’re looking to rank up quickly and mill your opponent out in the process, this is the deck for you!


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