Vintage Grixis Tinker – Deck Highlight


Vintage Grixis Tinker by Andrea Mengucci

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This weekend, I had the pleasure to compete and win the Vintage Challenge on Magic Online with my pet deck, Grixis Tinker!


TinkerSphinx of the Steel WindRagavan, Nimble PilfererUrza's Saga

I don’t play Vintage very often, but when I do I love to play a deck full of interactions and Tinker, which gets either Bolas’s Citadel or Sphinx of the Steel Wind, which is often game once they hit the battlefield.

Tinker is probably one of the very few one-card-combos in Magic and I love the high variance that a Vintage game can provide. It’s also why I love Vintage Cube so much. While Tinker is restricted, having access to black means that you can have access to Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor and Mystical Tutor to make your game plan super consistent.

Grixis Tinker is now stronger than ever with Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Urza’s Saga being both threats and fodder for Tinker, punishing the do-nothing control and prison decks. With five Moxes and Mana Crypt, you’re often able to dash Ragavan on turn one even. The Monkey particularly shines in Vintage because there are basically no creatures to block it, and the land count is very low, so you’re very likely to hit and cast a spell off of it.

Urza’s Saga is amazing too in this format because, with its third chapter, you get to tutor up cards that aren’t legal in any other format like Black Lotus, Moxes or Sensei’s Divining Top. Hardcasting Bolas’s Citadel is easier than ever now thanks to Urza’s Saga skyrocketing your ability to get the Black Lotus in play.

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