Vintage Grixis Sedgemoor – Deck Highlight


Vintage Grixis Sedgemoor by Ecobaronen


Sedgemoor Witch is the next Monastery Mentor. That may be a bold claim, but it’s actually making waves in Vintage, and for good reason. One key difference between magecraft and prowess is that magecraft triggers when you copy a spell as well as play one, which means that Sedgemoor Witch plus Flusterstorm makes a lot of tokens. That’s the basis for the deck we’re going to talk about today, Vintage Grixis Sedgemoor, which just got 9th in the most recent Vintage Challenge.


Header - The Game Plan

Get out a Sedgemoor Witch and start generating pests with every spell, while drawing cards and controlling the game. Finish things off with a big Flusterstorm and a bunch of Pests.


Header - Key Cards

Sedgemoor Witch

This is a potent threat and makes any sort of interaction or card draw into terrific value once you have it in play. It’s also annoying for the opponent to kill or block, thanks to menace and ward, making it a good finisher.



Not only does Flusterstorm give you a ton of protection against combo decks and opposing counterspells, it dumps three or four Pests into play if you have a Sedgemoor Witch out. Sometimes, you can even cast an unnecessary Flusterstorm as a build-your-own Empty the Warrens, as getting a bunch of Pests can really speed up your clock.


Force of WillForce of Negation

Zero-mana counters are key in Vintage, and having these prevents you from losing to early nonsense. They also help force through Sedgemoor Witch, as costing three mana means you’re usually tapping out for it.


Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is a key piece of the puzzle, as this deck is trying to get the game over with. Bolt serves as interaction for creatures and planeswalkers as well as player removal, and drawing multiples can be awesome.


Ancestral RecallTime WalkDemonic TutorTreasure Cruise (Timeshifted)

This is still Vintage, and the deck still does Vintage things. Broken cards are part of why the format is so fun, and this deck isn’t short on them.


Black LotusMox PearlMox SapphireMox JetMox RubyMox Emerald

Not every blue control deck plays all the jewelry, as there are risks to playing off-color Moxen, but a deck based around a three-mana card basically has to. This also makes the deck feel like the powerful Vintage control decks of time past, instead of the lower to the ground UR decks that we’ve seen a lot of recently.


Header - Opening Hands

You really want to see cheap counters, Night’s Whisper and Sedgemoor Witch (alongside a Mox or two). You have to have good early interaction in Vintage, and this deck usually can put that together.


Sedgemoor WitchUnderground SeaMox RubyVolcanic IslandShattering SpreeDig Through TimeLightning Bolt

Keep. This hand is soft to combo decks, but has a turn two Sedgemoor Witch and Bolt with Shattering Spree as interaction against creatures and artifacts.


Force of WillForce of NegationFlusterstormPolluted DeltaGitaxian ProbeDemonic TutorLightning Bolt

Keep. This is a one-lander, but double Force buys you time and Gitaxian Probe gets you another look.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • If they try and kill your Witch, let them pay the three life to ward before countering their spell.
  • Gush can pick up Mystic Sanctuary for some real nonsense.
  • If you can make three or more Pests, it’s often worth casting a Flusterstorm even if you don’t care about countering a spell.


Header - Flustering Monastery Mentor

Sedgemoor Witch is coming for Monastery Mentor’s lunch – will things play out that way? I think Witch is well-positioned, and love me a good Grixis control deck to begin with. Good luck if you play this, and enjoy watching it in action if you don’t – I’ll try and get into a league with it soon enough.


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