Vengevine Meets Dredge! Modern CrabVine


Modern CrabVine by cavedan



Last weekend in the MTGO Modern Super Qualifier, Sultai CrabVine by Cavedan got to the Top 4. It’s an amazing record for a deck that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

Hedron CrabOtherworldly GazeVengevine

Much like in Dredge, Otherworldly Gaze is phenomenal in both filling the graveyard as well as fixing your draws. It’s exactly the enabler and consistency that these decks needed since Faithless Looting was banned.

The goal of the deck is to self mill with Hedron Crab, Merfolk Secretkeeper, Stitcher’s Supplier and Glimpse the Unthinkable to then get payoffs like Gravecrawler, Narcomoeba, Prized Amalgam, Creeping Chill and Vengevine.

It’s basically like playing Dredge, but instead of Cathartic Reunion and Stinkweed Imp you’re manually self milling. It’s unclear if it’s a better line, but it gives you a bit more consistency with a more solid mana base and many more early plays.

The card that intrigued me the most is Rotting Rats, which is certainly a wild card to see appearing in Modern. However, it’s useful in this deck since you’re both using it to discard Vengevine as well as being a Zombie that comes out from the graveyard to reanimate both Prized Amalgam and Gravecrawler.

The latest addition to the deck is Wonder, which got reprinted in Modern Horizons 2 and it’s able to make your Vengevines fly for a lethal swing!


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