UW Emeria Gets a Top 8 Finish in the Modern Challenge!


Modern UW Emeria by Bob49



For the entirety of Modern’s history, a small subset of the format’s player base has been enchanted by the card Emeria, the Sky Ruin, a powerful but slow engine to recur enters the battlefield effects. These decks have always been on the fringes of the format, but pop up every once in a while in the hands of an archetype expert. Just recently, the archetype Top 8’d a Modern challenge in the hands of one of the smartest players on MTGO, Bob49, who’s proven themselves as a deck builder and as a pilot over and over again. 

Emeria, the Sky RuinSun Titan

If slow, grindy, creature-based control decks interest you, I do recommend this deck if you’re looking for a list that matches up well versus Four-Color Omnath, Murktide, Burn and most other creature decks. However, I would certainly recommend caution when playing in a metagame with big mana and combo decks. I would also recommend UW Emeria to any players who are feeling burned out and are looking for a new deck to try, as the play patterns with Emeria are different than essentially any others. 


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