Two New Crimson Vow Cards for Standard Mono-White Aggro

Today I wanted to highlight two Crimson Vow cards that should both be automatic inclusions in one of the best decks in the format – Mono-White Aggro.




First one is Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, which is getting a reprint. Izzet decks are currently ruling the Standard world and making them pay one more mana every time they want to cast a spell is one of the best ways to slow them down. Sure, you can argue that they have plenty of removal to kill it with, including Spikefield Hazard, but at worst it’s still going to be an exchange of two-for-two-mana. Now if they don’t have a removal spell, then things are going to get very annoying for them.

Keep in mind that all of this is attached to a 2/1 first strike creature for two mana, which is already a solid deal. In addition to that, you also have Luminarch Aspirant in your deck that can help you grow it, so if they find that Spikefield Hazard just one turn later, it’s going to be too late to kill it. 

The second card I really like for Monowhite out of the new set is Valorous Stance. Four toughness is currently the magic number, so having a clean answer to Smoldering Egg, Goldspan Dragon, Manaform Hellkite or Esika’s Chariot sounds great to me.

I wasn’t in love with playing too many copies of Fateful Absence because giving your opponents cards in exchange is never great, so this should easily replace a few copies. Getting to use it as a protection spell when your opponent doesn’t have anything worth killing is a huge upside over having a dead Fateful Absence in your hand. Even just the threat of Valorous Stance being in the format is going to make your opponent’s have to change how they play against you. 

Imagine you have Adeline in play and you’re tapped out. If they hold their Hero’s Downfall and try to kill Adeline on your turn before you attack, then you can just blow them out with Valorous Stance. If they kill your Adeline right away, then you have extra information to work with and you can play something like Luminarch Aspirant and safely add the +1/+1 counter on another creature. 

This is my proposed deck list with these two cards.



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