Try Out This Spicy Rakdos Creativity Brew in Pioneer!


Pioneer Rakdos Creativity by Liopoil



I’ve seen a lot of Indomitable Creativity decks before, but the latest incarnation still managed to surprise me. MTGO player Liopoil finished 28th in the June 17 Pioneer Challenge with this Rakdos list.

The plan with this deck is to win the game with Indomitable Creativity for X=2. But a lot will happen before you get there, so let me break what might happen in a typical game.

Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Fire Prophecy

Between Thoughtseize, Fire Prophecy, Fatal Push and Dreadbore, Rakdos has the perfect tools to buy time and slow down the opponent. Buying time is important for two reasons. First, it allows you to make it to turn five so you can cast Indomitable Creativity for X=2; otherwise, aggro decks might kill you on turn four. Second, more time equals more draw steps, which increases your probability of drawing your key combo card: Indomitable Creativity. This is also why Fire Prophecy fits so well – it digs one card deeper in your deck.

Vampire's KissRotten Reunion

The typical Indomitable Creativity deck has been Jeskai, using Prismari Command and Shark Typhoon to fuel the eponymous sorcery. But this list is Rakdos, so instead it uses two cards that have seen little to no play in Pioneer before. Vampire’s Kiss and Rotten Reunion create fodder for Indomitable Creativity, either in the form of Blood tokens or a Zombie token. Gaining a life cushion or exiling Arclight Phoenix is a small bonus.

Deadly DisputeSeize the SpoilsValakut Awakening // Valakut Stoneforge

Finding a copy of Indomitable Creativity is no small feat. Based on a hypergeometric calculator, to be at least 80 percent sure to draw at least one Indomitable Creativity, you need to see 20 cards, disregarding mulligans. That’s a lot. Even if you already see 12 cards by turn five based on your opening hand and draw steps, you’d still need to look at eight more cards via card selection spells to hit that level of consistency. Still, between Fire Prophecy, Blood tokens, Deadly Dispute, Seize the Spoils and Valakut Awakening, it may be achievable. Especially when one card draw spell may draw you into the next one, providing velocity to keep going.

Indomitable CreativityWorldspine WurmXenagos, God of Revels

Suppose everything has gone according to plan: by turn five, we control two artifact and/or creature tokens, and we can cast Indomitable Creativity. Then, if we haven’t drawn either of our creatures, we put Worldspine Wurm and Xenagos, God of Revels onto the battlefield, turn Worldspine Wurm into a 30/30 creature with trample and haste and attack for the win. Sweet!

But what if we’ve drawn one or both of our creatures? Here’s the nifty part. If we’ve drawn Xenagos, then we can play Indomitable Creativity for X=1 to put Worldspine Wurm onto the battlefield, which will generally be good enough to win the game. Even if the opponent has Dreadbore, then Worldspine Wurm still leaves behind 15 power worth of creatures. We may also be able to cast Xenagos off of a Treasure. If, however, we’ve drawn Worldspine Wurm, then we can discard it to Seize the Spoils or a Blood token, and it will shuffle itself back into our library. Also, Valakut Awakening and Fire Prophecy can put either creature back into our library.

This Worldspine Wurm + Xenagos innovation is spicy. There have been a bunch of Indomitable Creativity decks before that have used The Locust God and Sage of the Falls as a two-card combo to win the game, but this combo has its downsides: drawing either The Locust God and Sage of the Falls is awkward, and Sage of the Falls is vulnerable to removal spells like Lightning Axe. I would even suggest Indomitable Creativity players in Explorer to consider a switch to Worldspine Wurm + Xenagos… if it weren’t for the fact that neither creature is available on MTG Arena. But we can keep it in mind for later.

For the time being, if you were looking for a fun, rogue combo deck in Pioneer, then give this one a whirl!


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