Try Out SaffronOlive’s Five-Color Druid Class in Alchemy!


Alchemy Five-Color Druid Class by SaffronOlive




I played against a similar Druid Class deck on the Arena ladder and this is the best looking list I could find that matches what my opponent played. It comes from SaffronOlive, who is known for his brews. It definitely is about time someone tries to build a competitive deck with the new rebalanced version of Omnath, Locus of Creation, which was dominating Standard for quite some time.

This deck has a lot of ramp effects with Lotus Cobra and Settle the Wilds and tries to take over the game with powerful spells like Gitrog, Wrenn and Seven, Omnath and Phylath, World Sculptor. Scute Swarm is yet another card that profits off of making multiple land drops a turn. 

Druid Class has impressed me in the match I played against this deck, helping my opponent gain some life back early and eventually turning a land into a huge creature later on. 

The playset of The World Trees looked like it was holding the deck together, helping you cast spells from all five colors. 

The way this deck is built makes me think it is more on the fun side rather than super competitive, but I do think there is something there and it can be tuned to have a better game against some of the top decks in the format. 


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