Try Out Greg Kowalski’s Alchemy Esper Clerics!


Alchemy Esper Clerics by Greg Kowalski




This Esper Clerics list from Greg Kowalski combines the power of all the Cleric and Angel synergies built around Lunarch Veteran triggering Voice of the Blessed and Cleric of Life’s Bond and adds the usual Inquisitor Captain for consistency. On top of that though, it also uses Glasspool Mimic to get even more value by trying to get a chain of Captain triggers going or use it to get multiple Righteous Valkyries

Lunarch Veteran // Luminous PhantomVoice of the BlessedRighteous ValkyrieGlasspool Mimic // Glasspool Shore

Greg has this list as his pick for the Arena Open and Qualifier Weekends coming up in the Alchemy formats and I agree it looks like a pretty reasonable choice. If you’re a fan of cheap white creatures, I would certainly recommend going for the synergies instead of trying to aggro people out with Luminarch Aspirant because since it got nerfed, Mono-White just isn’t what it used to be. 

Vanishing VersePyre of Heroes

If I was to make any changes to the deck, I think I would prefer a solid removal spell like Vanishing Verse over Pyre of Heroes to keep things a bit more simple and give myself more answers to Dragons, which I think are going to be quite popular. 

From playing this deck myself when the format was new, I can definitely confirm that it’s very strong. Years ago, if you would have told me that you were playing a non-Goblins “tribal” deck, I would expect cards like Wellwisher and Soul Warden just to gain some life without any real plan after that. These days, a simple opening of Lunarch Veteran into Voice of the Blessed or Cleric of Life’s Bond can win you the game on their own and the rest of the deck is a bunch of really good individual and value cards that work nicely together and should be considered Tier 1, even if, historically speaking, you may not give it much credit at first sight. 

Good luck in both tournaments and let me know if you made a deep run with a cool brew of your own so I can feature your deck here next time!


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