True Control at the Set Championship! Historic Dimir Control


Historic Dimir Control by Tim MacSaveny




A true control deck appeared in the Top 16 of the Innistrad Set Championship with Dimir Control in the hands of Tim MacSaveny!

Torrential GearhulkArchmage's CharmHullbreaker HorrorVraska's Contempt

All the classic control elements are here, from cheap removal spells with Fatal Push to sweepers with Shadows’ Verdict and Ritual of Soot, from its countermagic with Censor and Archmage’s Charm to card advantage engines with Behold the Multiverse and Memory Deluge.

Consider and Hullbreaker Horror are the two newest addition. Consider is good to cantrip to both hit your right answers as well as fill the graveyard for Torrential Gearhulk and Cling to Dust. Hullbreaker Horror is the “fourth copy of Torrential Gearhulk,” outstanding in the counter mirrors and to take over the game with a plethora of instants.

A card that shows up in two copies in this deck that I haven’t seen in a long time is Vraska’s Contempt. Despite the abundance of two mana removal spells available, Tim chose to play a piece of four-mana exile removal that gains two life, as both exiling and incidental life gain are very relevant when playing a control deck in a format as vast as Historic.


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