9 thoughts on “Tristan Gregson Shares His M10 Cube Changes”

  1. nice clip! maybe you want to link your cube under the video, for all those, who don’t know where to find the list.

    -Guardian Seraph: I like this card. it is better than Serra Avenger most of the time (especially the 4 power is very useful) , gains you ~5-10 life in a normal game and totally nullifies cards like Ant Queen or Sacred Mesa until you find an answer for it.

    -Elite Vanguard: Since you are already running Savannah Lions, isn’t the redundancy kind of boring in a Singleton format?

    -Harm’s Way: isn’t Shining Shoal for 1 mana the cheapest white 241 ever? Or just imagine instead of your 2 dudes dying to Pyroclasm, you are going to kill their Chameleon Colossus.

    -Eternal Dragon: rly?? On Evan Erwin’s cubedrafing site, we listed that 16/20 cubes with ares had this card in their list, cause everyone seams to like it. unfortunately I guess you may be right about it not being the best white card in the first 10 turns of the game (especially with no Ravnika Duals in my cube).

    -Djinn of Wishes: besides being a lot fun to play, there are plenty of cards that combo with Temporal Aperture on legs: Future Sight, Sensej’s Divining Top, Sylvan Library, Tutors, Scroll Rack, Brainstorm, Ponder, Magma Jet, Reclaim, Lilliana Vess…

    -Doom Blade: I guess you missed that one. there are not many god regenerators in the cube, but some annoying artifact creatures, including colored ones from the Esper.

    -“new Lord of Pits”: I am not sure if I want to have another card that requires BBB in my list (Promise of Power and Visara,the Dreadful).
    On the other hand sacrificing an fatty with an Pacifism and swing for a lot seems brutal.

  2. Great video [again]. But what about Gold/Artifacts? Do any get worse/better due to the rules changes? Anurid Brushopper, while still synergy with madness(only 2 cards in the cube), is he still worth it now that you can’t stack damage and exile him out till eot? Or is the usefulness of him being able to evade removal just too good?

    Any thoughts on those 2 areas?…

  3. @ the E – the first video covered the rules changes.

    But about your choices, I did find a way to include Harm’s way. Its too good not to really.

  4. I’m trying out a mini Soldier theme in my cube now. I went so far as to replace Sacred Mesa with Mobilization. Though WW can adapt it, I actually think it will probably fit better for UW.

    I believe this makes Soldiers-relevant cards in:
    Captain of the Watch
    Cloudgoat Ranger
    Decree of Justice
    Elite Vanguard
    Martial Coup

    And maybe I’m forgetting someone, but any of those feel fine with or without the theme. Or maybe I just made all of white worse. Time will tell.

  5. eternal dragon is so strong, one of white’s top 10, you can build a whole deck out of just him. I’d pick him over baneslayer pick 1 pack 1.

  6. “Get in there white weenie.” Great out of context quote Mashi! /*sophmoric humor off*

  7. I also found a spot for Cudgel Troll. I have come to have a big fondness for that guy. He survives a lot, and can “trade” with a lot too.

  8. without stacked combat damage Cudgel Troll seems superior to Ravenous Baloth, now that he is either a 4/4 vanilla or a Goldenglow Moth during combat.

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