11 thoughts on “Tristan Gregson Discusses the Impact of M10 on Cube Drafting”

  1. I totally agree about keeping Morphling in the cube, because the combination of shroud ,evasion and high power that is only featured on few creatures, like SSS and KoNo are good under any rules.

    @Thornling: Isn’t playing him for 5 and making him a huge indestructible attacker the next turn a lot better than a 4/4 haste for 6 mana?

    with blue losing “the flying elephant that blocks everything and lives” why not adding M10s Djinn of Whishes? It can do very sick things with Ponder, Brainstorm, Scroll Rack or Future Sight.

    nice epiode, btw.

  2. Awesome episode; Tristan is very good in front of the camera. Hope to see more of this in the future.

  3. Great video!

    Any word on when the next article discussing additions/subtractions [w/ M10] is coming?

  4. let me get this straight. you just slammed Citadel of Pain when the situation you mentioned is what Citadel was for. because if the blue mage taps out, then thats really good for the citadel player. Mana burn doesnt effect Citadel, it effects just Power Surge when facing a Blue mage. sure against the other colors, maybe Black because of their removal and white for the same reason. But Citadel doesnt get hurt at all, because an opponent tapping out on their turn to avoid the damage means i am doing better.

    So i feel that you’re really talking about a card in the wrong way. Though Power Surge is now more or less the worst card in the game.

  5. I feel like red and green take a bigger hit because of the changes. Blue loses like Rainbow Efreet, but green and red lose quite a few creatures.

    But you did forget to mention Braid of Fire.

  6. @The E – Due to the website issues I’ve had this week the article discussing card changes from M:10 has been postponed. Look for it next week.

    @Jake – The Citadel had always been a liability to blue mages in cube, kind of a super Rishaden Port. Of course if the player with the Citadel doesn’t have pressure or burn to follow up the Citadel it became manageable.

    @Doobs – There are plenty of non-Cube cards that you could look to in the greater Magic library as greatly changed by the new rules, Braid of Fire could be one of those cards.

    @eidolon – look for my new article on Cube updates including cards from M:10 on Channelfireball.com

    @Dag – You should e-mail me your contact info for the payoff I owe you for the seemingly unnecessary bump you’re giving me. Thanks all!

  7. Thanks for the update.

    Your cube list is my favorite. The less serious role, toned down power level(no power 9) and the amount of cards you have(most serious cubes are just the minimum for 8-man). Your list exemplifies the whole point of casual/fun magic.

  8. @Tristan a lot of cards if you cant follow them up they become manageable. But i just dont think the Citadel really loses any power from the rules changes against the decks it was pretty much designed to fight. In fact, i feel it became better because if i cast it as the aggro player i can tap myself out to avoid it, without having to sink into anything. It was designed (i think) to fight control players, and it does its job very well despite there being no mana burn. I still think its a very strong cube addition. Because you do have access to the best instants in the game, so why not punish the player who wants to play them on your turn.

    i look forward to more interviews with you about the cube. its very interesting to hear opinions instead of read them.

  9. What happened to the posting of new draft-videos? Is LSV on vacation?

    I need my fix! 😉

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