Tribal Dimir Assassins with New Ramses – MTG Commander Showcase

There are a lot more Assassins in Magic than I thought. That’s the first lesson I was taught by Ramses, Assassin Lord, and the second one was that I better jolly well watch out, because Ramses is a terrifying commander that can win a game out of nowhere if the table isn’t careful. By knocking just one opponent out, a Ramses can win the whole game, just like that. 

Ramses, Assassin Lord

This might set up some archenemy-style situations, but Echo937 doesn’t care about that – this Assassin deck they’ve put together takes no prisoners, and is very ready to kill both creatures and players, in the style of the true Assassin. From old classics like Royal Assassin to new additions like Guildsworn Prowler, Assassins from across Magic’s history have come together to help Ramses steal games. 



Assassin Tribal by Echo937

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The classic hallmark of old Assassin cards was their ability to tap to destroy other creatures, as seen on Royal Assassin. There are plenty of others: Notorious Assassin, Tsabo’s Assassin, Kiku, Night’s Flower. These cards, and more, will help you manage the board as you assemble a fighting force ready to take down an unwary opponent. 

Silumgar AssassinDark ImpostorMassacre Girl

Newer Assassins have, broadly speaking, moved on from tap abilities and into the realm of deathtouch, enter-the-battlefield abilities or being tricky in combat. Many of them still kill creatures: Silumgar Assassin, Dark Impostor and the snowballing Massacre Girl, so even with newer Assassins, you’ll still be able to control the board quite nicely.

Mari, the Killing QuillVirtus the VeiledEtrata, the Silencer

This means that your other Assassins, the ones who crave combat, can get in there and do their best work. Cards like Mari, the Killing Quill and Virtus the Veiled reward you for attacking, while Etrata, the Silencer synergizes extremely well with Ramses in that she can cause an opponent to lose the game by attacking – which will then trigger Ramses ability, and cause you to win, then and there. 

Quietus SpikeWhispersilk CloakVorpal Sword

Additionally, there are other ways this deck rewards you for attacking. Not only do many of your Assassins have deathtouch to begin with, when you suit them up with Quietus Spike and Whispersilk Cloak, even a lowly Hired Poisoner becomes extremely concerning. Chuck a Vorpal Sword in there in the late game too and the small Equipment subtheme becomes very worrisome indeed. 

Much of the deck is boilerplate tribal stuff – Vanquisher’s Banner, Reflections of Littjara, Kindred Dominance – and the blue-black interactive classics, from Deadly Rollick to Mana Drain. But that’s not the point of the deck – with the expansive creature suite, you’ll be able to both control the board and get in for damage, especially given Ramses’s lord effect alongside other tribal enablers like Metallic Mimic and Adaptive Automaton. Assassins aren’t generally known for their stats, but when you want to focus down the life total of one single player, every extra point of power is welcome!


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