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D-Spirits might be the newest game in town, but it features some of the most interesting promos already. The majority of its promos are cards featured from their kickstarter campaign, representing unique rewards for those who helped get the game off the ground. More interesting for me, however, is the promo that comes with a box of D-Spirits from ChannelFireball itself: Knarlydawg. Here, we’ll highlight these stellar promos, showing you what you can expect from the future of D-Spirits.


First is the promo from the team at CFB, which is a powerful all-rounder of a D-spirit. Solid stats line up with the ability to dodge problematic sound-type D-spirits, all topped off with the ability to potentially gain a substantial amount of “life” back whenever Knarlydawg successfully takes out an opposing D-Spirit. That life buffer can be a big deal, especially if you want to have enough SP to wager on realm cards like our next kickstarter promo.

Jason’s Song

Almost like the polar opposite of Knarlydawg, Jason’s Song wants you to focus your deck almost exclusively around sound-type D-Spirits. If you choose to make that leap, Jason’s Song is a heck of a payoff, buffing up that type while potentially debuffing a wide range of opposing spirits. Now, Jason’s Song does essentially lock you into that singular strategy if you want to take full advantage of it, but there are a lot of powerful sound D-spirits to build around so the opportunity cost is minimal.

Ga’U and Nephil’s Tag Team

Special moves can only be triggered when their prerequisites are met. In this case you need to control both of the named D-Spirits, but if you manage that, you can then freely draw this special attack straight from your side deck. The impact of this card can immediately be felt, destroying all of your opponent’s hard work and setting you up to start swinging in for lethal chunks of damage. While Ga’U and Nephil themselves may not be D-spirits that you have to respect, the threat of their tag team really changes the dynamic.

The One That Was

D-Spirits will sometimes ask a substantial cost of the player to run certain spirits in your squad, but The One That Was asks even more. He obliterates your entire squad but then represents a nearly indestructible threat on your side of the board. It isn’t entirely unbeatable, making the downside potentially not worth all the trouble, but if you’re approaching the end of the game, with your deck already thinning, you might find that the downside matters much less to produce such a humongous threat.

Promotional Power

Promos are at their best when they do something mechanically unique and show off the art style of the game they’re associated with, and D-Spirits does an amazing job with all of the above promos. Each card is worth running in its own build, allowing you to highlight your shiny acquisitions whenever it’s time to pull out your D-Squad to do battle. 

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