Top 10 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Cards for Historic

There aren’t very many cards that scream “broken” when it comes to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cards for Historic, but there are some that should definitely see play and some that have big potential. Lets take a look at my top 10.




10. Infernal Grasp


Being able to kill any creature without any restriction is usually something black doesn’t get to do, so replacing those Doom Blades in your Mono-Black Aggro deck with Infernal Grasp will be a pretty decent upgrade.


9. Sunset Revelry


As if control decks needed more cards against aggro, we’re going to get this Timely Reinforcements‘s little brother. This being a sorcery is also important for delirium.


8. Smoldering Egg


I could see Smoldering Egg working similarly to how Thing in the Ice worked back in Modern’s Izzet Phoenix before Faithless Looting got banned. Seven mana worth of instants or sorceries is a lot, but at the same time, four toughness means it won’t get killed by Lightning Helix or Unholy Heat early on. 


7. Memory Deluge


There are already a ton of four mana card draw spells like Chemister’s Insight or Behold the Multiverse, but this one is better if you have access to a lot of mana. Wilderness Reclamation decks would be the perfect fit for it, although that’s unfortunately banned at the moment as well. 


6. Fateful Absence


Two mana to destroy any creature or planeswalker is a pretty good deal, though keep in mind you can already do that in Historic with Baleful Mastery. That card sees play mostly in Dimir decks with Narset, Parter of Veils, which usually prevents the opponent from drawing the extra card. If you’re going to run Fateful Absence, it should probably be in aggro or midrange decks that are trying to close the game relatively fast, because giving your opponent a card in exchange is usually not what you want to do when you play long games with control. 


5. Faithful Mending


Now you will be able to play eight Faithless Looting effects in your graveyard decks! I can easily see Izzet Phoenix becoming Jeskai or some reanimator or combo deck taking advantage of this to put important cards in their graveyard. 


4. Play with Fire


Shock gets a slight upgrade as well, but it is a pretty decent one. Shock already sees play in mono-red aggro decks and now you’ll be able to get a free scry, which means getting closer to that last lethal burn spell or setting up the top of your deck for Delver of Secrets


3. Delver of Secrets


I’m very excited to get to brew with Delver of Secrets because I love the kind of fast blue decks it goes into, but at the same time it is important to recognize that it’s probably a little bit overrated thanks to not having a lot of good ways to manipulate the top of your library. Brainstorm is the perfect card for it and the reason why Delver is so busted in Legacy, but it’s unfortunately banned in Historic. Still, Delver should go into decks with Dragon’s Rage Channeler, which is technically a way to try to get an instant or sorcery on the top of your deck. 


2. Poppet Stitcher


I’m going to take a risk and put Stitcher second because it can be either super busted or do nothing, but the fact that it has three toughness means it survives Unholy Heat and it also goes into all these Izzet decks that got a huge upgrade both from this set and from the Mystical Archive earlier.


1. Consider


Consider is pretty much a better Opt because putting the card into your graveyard is a lot stronger than on the bottom of your deck. This is especially important in Izzet Phoenix decks and decks that are trying to get delirium for Dragon’s Rage Channeler and Unholy Heat.



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