Too Many Good Humans! Modern Yorion Humans


Modern Yorion Humans by Lifore

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We’ve seen Death & Taxes adopting Yorion, Sky Nomad in Legacy to blink its numerous ETB creatures and have more lategame options. Today, we’re seeing Modern Humans adopting Yorion to exploit Imperial Recruiter and Phantasmal Image. You can blink Phantasmal Image with Yorion, choose to copy Yorion and blink your team once again for maximum value!

Ragavan, Nimble PilfererChampion of the ParishImperial RecruiterYorion, Sky Nomad

Last week, I highlighted Five-Color Humans, which made its comeback after a long hiatus, and today we’re even seeing four copies of Adeline, Resplendent Cathar, replacing Mantis Rider entirely.

Lifore Top 8’d Sunday’s Modern MTGO Challenge with Jeskai Humans, giving up on Noble Hierarch and Kitesail Freebooter in exchange of having a more solid mana base with normal lands in that can cast non-Human cards as well.

As a result, Lifore changed their deck to welcome red powerhouses Lightning Bolt and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, as well as useful spells from the sideboard like Wear // Tear, that would be normally unplayble with the Ancient Ziggurat and Unclaimed Territory mana base.

The spiciest card of the 95 is certainly that one-of Snapcaster Mage, with only four Lightning Bolts as target. Whenever your opponent is on three, your Imperial Recruiter can fetch that Snapcaster  Mage for the final damage!


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