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Vintage Affinity by hodortimebaby

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Vintage is a funny beast. It’s hard for new cards to break into the most powerful format, but every now and then a new deck emerges. Today’s deck, Vintage Affinity, takes advantage of the format being full of fast artifact mana and is the perfect home for Thought Monitor.



Header - The Game Plan

Dump as many artifacts into play as possible and draw a ton of cards with Thoughtcasts and Thought Monitors. Win via the Time Vault combo or just giant Constructs from Urza, Lord High Artificer or Urza’s Saga.

This deck plays out like the broken blue decks that people think define Vintage (when they are rarely the best deck), and is a wild ride if you haven’t had a chance to play decks like this before. You draw a ton of cards, play five or more things a turn and overall just have a great time.


Header - Key Cards

Emry, Lurker of the LochUrza, Lord High Artificer

This pair of blue legends does a lot of heavy lifting. Emry generates cards and mana if you ever get to untap, and Urza does the same without even needing the untap step.


Thought MonitorThoughtcast

Card draw that sometimes puts a 2/2 into play is pretty sweet, especially when it costs just one mana. This deck can easily get these two cards down to just one mana, making them a fantastic deal.


Force of Will

You can’t leave home without Force of Will, and one of the advantages of playing a mono-blue deck is that Force is never without cards to pitch to it.


Time VaultManifold Key (Timeshifted)

This is an infinite combo, and not hard to assemble given how much card draw and tutoring the deck plays.


Urza's Saga

Urza’s Saga is a huge addition to artifact-based decks. For the low cost of playing a colorless nonbasic, you get two huge Constructs and a powerful tutor, which is better in this format than any other.


Header - Combo Breakdown

This deck has a lot of different combos in it, and they are worth calling out. Besides the obvious Vault + Key combo, here are some of the pairs you want to assemble.


Header - Monitoring Your Thoughts

Vintage Affinity is definitely up my alley, and would recommend trying it. As usual, I like to advocate for trying Vintage on Magic Online if you haven’t – it’s less expensive than you might think, and a ton of fun.


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