Three Ways to Build with Sigardian Savior – Preview Highlight


Sigardian Savior is one of white’s mythic rares from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. It strikes me as incredibly powerful. And while it’s unique, with no existing card that closely approximates it, it does remind me of a couple of format-defining cards from Magic‘s past.



Collected CompanyLurrus of the Dream-Den

Both Collected Company and Sigardian Savior can put two creatures directly onto the battlefield for you. The way constructed-playable creatures are these days, this can be a tremendous swing in terms of both card advantage and battlefield presence. Given that your deck might be built around these creatures, it can supercharge your synergies with other cards, or possibly even assemble a combo all in one shot. 

Lurrus of the Dream-Den is the go-to companion for decks built around cheap creatures. If it existed alongside Sigardian Savior, there would be conflict between the two. However, Lurrus is rotating out of Standard, which could leave a power vacuum, which Sigardian Savior could fill by being a go-to curve-topper for decks with lots of cheap creatures. 

While there are no limits to how you can employ this powerful creature, three ways come to mind immediately for me.

The first is to use Sigardian Savior fair and square, as a curve-topper in a creature deck. As a basic example, casting Sigardian Savior and returning two Werewolf Pack Leaders gives you nine power and toughness for five mana, and sets you up to steamroll the opponent the following turn. It’s an incredibly strong play against both opposing creatures and spot removal spells.


Jaspera SentinelLuminarch AspirantTangled Florahedron // Tangled ValeLoyal WarhoundWerewolf Pack LeaderProfessor of SymbologySilverquill SilencerClarion SpiritMagda, Brazen Outlaw


Green has tons of cheap creatures that produce mana. This can set you up to cast your five-drop Angel, while also ensuring that you have enough bodies to reliably take advantage of the ability.

Note that Sigardian Savior is extremely effective at assembling coven, sometimes able to do it all at once for the price of one card. 

I could also envision Sigardian Savior as the curve topper of a life gain themed deck.


A second way to use Sigardian Savior, which might be even more powerful and even more reliable, is to pair it with sacrificing creatures. This could either mean creatures that have the ability to sacrifice themselves, or it could mean a dedicated Sacrifice deck, which could benefit tremendously from a sudden influx of three creatures. 


In such a deck, you can set up a fully powered Sigardian Savior by sacrificing creatures for value, and then returning multiple key pieces to swing the game decisively in your favor. 

Finally, you could play the Savior in a deck with self-mill synergies. This would probably require the most advanced deckbuilding skills of the three, but it would also pay dividends by allowing it to return your key creatures with deadly consistency.


I particularly like how the Savior pairs with Old Stickfingers. Stickfingers can help you dump creatures into your graveyard. Then, Savior can return Old Stickfingers to the battlefield with huge combat stats. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the most power and toughness you can get per mana spent in all of Standard. 

One way or another, Sigardian Savior is an extremely powerful creature. Whether you play it for its face value, or whether you decide to get creative, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. 



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