Three Reasons You Should Play D-Spirits

If you’re looking for a new game to bring to the table, D-Spirits is an easy recommendation. An up-and-coming name in the world of TCGs, D-spirits has a unique game system, charming art, and slick, powerful variant cards. Best of all, D-Spirits is something worth talking about, with every cartoonish card making a statement.


A Unique Squad

While there are many elements that make the game design of D-Spirits fun and memorable, one of the best aspects of the game is its squad deck. One of the three decks employed in the game, the Squad deck is filled with a minimum of 15, unique D-Spirit cards. Each of these squad members represents one of the entertainingly illustrated creatures of the world of D-Spirits, and the singleton nature of the deck adds an enjoyable sense of variance to every game!


Remarkable Visuals

TCGs are carried by their visuals, and D-Spirits is ready to carry that weight with ease. From the charmingly simplistic Wootot to the scarily toothy Sharknivorous, the colorful spirits bring an undeniable charm to the table. With a genuine sense of humor (I mean, just look at Buttox!) and a cartoon edge to its style, the aesthetic of D-spirits brings something special to game night.


Powerful Variants

Finally, one of the most interesting reasons to get into D-Spirits is an aspect that lets it truly come into its own: empowered variants. While many TCGs have a variety of art treatments that add to their value, D-Spirits also brings added playability to their variants. Featuring gold name foiling, alternate colors, and boosted stats, these variants change the board state dramatically. It feels so very good to be able to add some bling to your deck that does more than just look pretty, topping off the many reasons to bring D-spirits to your table.

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