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Magic Bracket – Round of 128 -Batch 1

Ever wondered what Magic card ranks as the greatest of all time? Now you can vote to help decide in a bracket that pits the top 128 cards against each other!

Pro Points Ep 7 – All About Teams!

Get a look deep inside Pro Tour testing and the function of a testing team as PV, Sam Black, and Mike Sigrist share their insights about the process.

Playing Combo in Pauper

In a format of all commons, you might be surprised to learn that there are a multitude of combo options. David Wright at Gathering Magic looks at four of the most popular.

‘Magic the Gathering’ Meets ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ In Latest Campaign Book

Bob Feteke at Newsweek covers the DnD-MTG crossover.

Magic: The Gathering Once Had A Foul-Mouthed Educational Muppet

Some of the old Wizards ad campaigns are… interesting.

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Commander 2018 Preview: Magus of the Balance

Our Commander 2018 preview card casts what could be the most powerful white spell ever printed.

Standard Lessons and the Top 8 Deck Lists From Dutch Nationals

Standard is looking a lot more diverse than it appeared just a month ago, as the diverse Top 8 at Dutch Nationals made clear!

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Take on another Vintage Cube Draft alongside Luis Scott-Vargas as he walks you through 3 packs of the most powerful cards in Magic!

Watch a Black Lotus Being Opened in Chiba

One of the most anticipated events at Grand Prix Chiba, the Unlimited Edition Rochester Draft gave eight players a chance to Draft a set featuring the games most valuable cards.

Core Set 2019 Draft | Channel BenS

Watch Ben Stark guide you through another Core Set 2019 Draft on Magic Online!

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