This is Madness! – Legacy Madness – Deck Highlight


Legacy Madness by B-BAKA


Discarding Rootwalla to Lion’s Eye Diamond is a classic maneuver, and thanks to some new madness cards and enablers, is still a great plan in Legacy. Let’s take a look at Legacy Madness!



Header - The Game Plan

Use discard outlets to dump Vengevines into your graveyard and play madness creatures to bring the Vines back immediately. Attack your opponent early and often.

The combination of Hollow One, Rootwallas and escape cards means that discarding cards effectively adds mana, and cards like Faithless Looting become an amazing deal. Against opponents without dedicated graveyard hate, you can usually dump too much power on the board for them to deal with (barring them comboing you out too quickly).


Header - Key Cards



Vengevine is the most powerful threat in the deck – a four-power haste creature for zero mana is just nuts. The double Vengevine games are the easiest, and the difference between zero and one is huge.


Hollow One (Timeshifted)Basking RootwallaBlazing Rootwalla

These are your zero-mana threats that enable Vengevine (and attack for a lot in their own right), with the Rootwallas providing card advantage as well. Being able to discard them for value is big, and gives you an edge in grindy games.


Faithless LootingBurning InquiryLion's Eye Diamond

Discard outlets that draw cards or generate mana are exactly what this deck needs, and being able to lead on multiple creatures turn one is a result of these cards. Lion’s Eye Diamond in particular is behind all of your most explosive starts, as you can use the mana to cast Anje’s Ravager or bring back Ox of Agonas way ahead of schedule.



This is another blast from the past. Anger lets you get the train rolling almost immediately, and hasty Hollow Ones are quite the sight to behold.


Header - Opening Hands

This deck has a need for speed – it’s got no disruption, so it has to get the opponent dead as quickly as possible. You’re looking for Hollow Ones and Vengevines backed with the appropriate enablers, as they are what pack a real punch.


Basking RootwallaBlazing RootwallaFaithless LootingAngerBadlandsMountain (#276)Taiga

Mulligan. This hand gets out two Rootwallas on turn one, but has no discard outlets and no action past that. You can do better.


Lion's Eye DiamondVengevineBlazing RootwallaBasking RootwallaHollow One (Timeshifted)Ox of AgonasFaithless Looting

Keep. This hand drops a turn one Vengevine with two Rootwallas, and even gets to flashback Faithless Looting in hopes of another Rootwalla.


Burning InquiryHollow One (Timeshifted)VengevineBadlandsAnje's RavagerPutrid ImpTaiga

Keep. The Burning Inquiry leads to a turn one Hollow One, and possibly more, with Vengevine and Anje’s Ravager as additional backup.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • You want to start things off with Burning Inquiry, since it’s random discard and it will usually help you plan your turn best.
  • Don’t forget that you can pump your Rootwallas – it doesn’t come up all the time, but it’s quite important.
  • Even on an empty hand, Gamble can go get a madness card or an Ox (or even a Vengevine).


Header - This is Madness!

It’s sweet seeing old favorites get new toys to play with, and this madness deck got a bunch of them. Best of luck if you take it into battle, and may you always have two Vengevines in your opening hand.


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