This Deck Left Me Speechless! MTG Legacy Five-Color Spellseeker


Legacy Five-Color Spellseeker by cftsoc3

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Rarely am I left speechless when seeing a deck list, but this Legacy Five-Color Spellseeker Yorion deck by MTGO and Twitter user cftsoc3 completely stunned me when I saw it.

SpellseekerGreen Sun's Zenith

The deck is composed of a robust Spellseeker package and a huge Green Sun’s Zenith package, both of which give the deck the ability to either outgrind opposing fair decks or tutor up a piece of interaction for opposing linear decks. These packages are backed up by Legacy’s usual suspects of Brainstorm, Ponder and Force of Will and fueled by three main deck Carpet of Flowers to gain a huge mana advantage in blue matchups. Like Modern, Yorion, Sky Nomad is a great way to go over the top in fair matchups. 

At first glance, this deck can look like a pile of nonsense, but cftsoc3 was able to win a MOCS Qualifier and Top 8 a Legacy challenge with the archetype. There is definitely a method to the madness, and I imagine the deck would be lots of fun to pick up and play. 


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