This Deck is Odd! – Modern Boros Obosh Prowess


Modern Boros Obosh Prowess by Auterhaus



Chandra, Dressed to Kill is definitely the card from Innistrad: Crimson Vow that impacted Modern the most, reanimating the Mono-Red Prowess archetype! Auterhaus and D00mwake have worked on this Obosh Prowess deck for a while now and it finally broke into the Modern Top 8 Challenges.

Chandra, Dressed to KillMonastery Swiftspear (Timeshifted)Blood MoonLight Up the Stage

You’re an aggressive mono-red deck, with the 16 one-drops, using cheap spells like Lightning Bolt, Lava Dart and Prismatic Ending for interaction. The white is needed to deal with Sanctifier en-Vec as well as Murktide Regent.

Because of Obosh, the Preypiercer, you don’t see any Mishra’s Baubles and Manamorphoses. Ehile Obosh might seem like overcosted, it’s definitely very castable, and once it sits in play, it turns your cheap creatures and Lava Darts into very powerful threats.

Chandra, Dressed to Kill also gets buffed by Obosh, and with so many cheap red spells, it’s very common to go Chandra +1 and cast an additional spell. It feels like you’re playing with a two-mana planeswalker!

The combination of Chandra and Light Up the Stage is also quite good, turning on spectacle without needing to attack or pre-combat for your prowess creatures.

Blood Moon is excellent in the metagame at the moment, and even if it shuts down your Den of the Bugbear, it’s often hurting your opponent more than you.

Seasoned Pyromancer comes off the sideboard against the grindier matchups like Grixis Shadow or control decks, and I can honestly see them in the main deck since they play really well in a deck that tends to empty its hand very early in the game.


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