The Value Never Ends! Gabriel Nassif’s Historic Bant Soulherder

Historic Bant Soulherder by Gabriel Nassif




Historic is a wild format, and between Jumpstart: Historic Horizons and the Strixhaven Mystical Archives, you’re able to get together a Bant Soulherder deck similar to the one you play in Modern.


SoulherderTimeless WitnessThragtusk (Timeshifted)Ephemerate

Both Ephemerate and Soulherder want you to load your deck with enters-the-battlefield triggers so that you can exploit them over and over.

Timeless Witness is not quite Eternal Witness, but you can loop the Ephemerate on it getting back a new card every turn.

Mulldrifter is around too, and you can evoke it and Ephemerate it to keep the 2/2 flying body and draw four cards for the cheap cost of four mana.

Thragtusk and Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves are your top end. They go incredibly well with Soulherder and lock the game, getting an incremental advantage that will be very hard for the opponent to deal with.

Did I mention that this is a Yorion, Sky Nomad deck? The value never ends when playing this deck and Gabriel Nassif piloted it on his stream up to a Top 100 Mythic position on the ladder!


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