The Ultimate Toolbox? Modern Four-Color Enigmatic Incarnation


Modern Four-Color Enigmatic Incarnation by CaptainFarbos

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One of the most charming characteristics of Modern are the dozens of obscure decks that have a handful of dedicated pilots who love their obscure archetype. It’s always great to see players masterfully wield a janky pile of cards. MTGO use CaptainFarbos is one of these players and managed to top 32 this Christmas’s Modern Challenge with Enigmatic Incarnation.

Enigmatic Incarnation

Incarnation is a really peculiar card that acts a lot like Birthing Pod, but instead of sacrificing creatures to tutor creatures, you sacrifice enchantments to tutor creatures. This of course requires you to not only play a lot of tutor targets, but also play a lot of cantripping enchantments that are good to sacrifice.

Yorion, Sky Nomad

This is also a perfect shell for Yorion, Sky Nomad, where you have tutor effects to improve consistency and Yorion always gives you access to a pile of fresh cards. I’ve talked to a few Incarnation pilots and they all firmly believe the deck has a lot of potential, so I recommend trying it out if you like these kinds of toolbox strategies.


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