The Rock is Back with Standard BG Midrange


Standard BG Midrange by scottynada




Standard is now in the competitive spotlight once more after Wizards announced that it will be the format of choice in the upcoming Streets of New Capenna Set Championship! The deck I’m highlighting today comes from Scottynada, who got Top 4 in the Qualifier at the GGTour Standard event with a unique version of BG Midrange.

Invoke DespairEsika's ChariotDig Up

I was very impressed by Invoke Despair as an excellent answer to annoying enchantments and planeswalkers like Wedding Announcement and The Wandering Emperor, which are both really popular and very hard to beat for control strategies.

Shigeki, Jukai Visionary and The Celestus are your ways to accelerate on turn three, getting to cast Invoke Despair as early as turn four. Despite Invoke Despair costing four, the deck’s mana base is really solid with only few green sources as well as Binding the Old Gods getting to fix black mana with Woodland Chasm.

It might seem weird to see two Ray of Enfeeblement already in the main deck, but white decks are everywhere and it’s really important to kill Luminarch Aspirant before it grows out of hand very quickly.


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  1. Tried this deck. It is rather good against the meta right now, in a meta where I have been really struggling — I refuse to play mono white or return to Selesnaya enchantments, you see. I swapped in one more Den of Bugbear for a swamp, and found room for two Ruins, but that is really a salt-to-taste matter. You can still lose to being run over, or to GW Enchantments landing a Hallowed haunting with no Invoke ready, but overall this is really solid so far.

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