The Legend IS Drizzt in Commander/EDH

With the release of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, we’re going to have some unprecedented opportunities to build around characters that have been fan favorites for a long time – characters with years of lore and history in the community. The best example among cards release so far is unquestionably Drizzt Do’Urden.



Drizzt isn’t the most straightforward commander, and maybe that’s what I appreciate about him the most (other than his obvious status as a Limited bomb, wow!). That said, when I see a commander with double strike, I tend to focus in on one thing: combat damage. Conveniently, Drizzt is ready to size up in a hurry, and he brings Guenhwyvar with him to help him do that just a little bit. That said, we should be able to give Drizzt some food and turn him into a two-shot machine… or maybe even a one-shot machine!



Header - 1d6 Counters

Since Drizzt is all about building up +1/+1 counters on himself, let’s see if we can’t help him a little bit with that.


Abzan Battle PriestAbzan FalconerDuskshell CrawlerPridemalkin

Double strike is nice, but what about lifelink, flying and trample? Yeah, I think that sounds pretty good. Even at his base size, Drizzt is pretty amazing with flying, and adding on these other types gets even better as Drizzt grows.


Good-Fortune UnicornRenata, Called to the Hunt

It’s a little easier to make things work when Drizzt and Guenhwyvar both show up with counters already. The rest of your creatures will too, so while that won’t change their size relative to Drizzt himself, it will raise the ceiling on his size.


Branching EvolutionConclave MentorHardened Scales

It’s great to add counters to Drizzt, but more is better, right? Obviously these are great reasons to be in a Selesnya counters deck regardless, so we’ll have to make sure we have some other cards that add counters!


Felidar RetreatLuminarch AspirantMikaeus, the LunarchShalai, Voice of Plenty

Luminarch Aspirant puts a counter wherever you want on each of your combats, while the rest of these cards go wide, dropping counters on your board willy-nilly. Shalai, Voice of Plenty is particularly sweet, as it also protects the team – and you – from targeted effects. Felidar Retreat is also nice enough to help you pick up the pieces after a wrath, especially if you’re able to hold off on a land or two.



A classic from the days of yore, Vigor is a fantastic card in this deck. Nobody’s going to block Drizzt now – at least, not unless they really have to.


Fractal Harness

I’m excited to have finally found a great home for this card, as it can grow Drizzt in a huge way, and the built-in double strike on him means that every time the counters on him double, their effectiveness actually quadruples. I think I know how math works. I mean, I made that whole table about Yusri and Krark’s Thumb, but some days are better than others, right?


Gavony TownshipKarn's BastionTyrite Sanctum

Gavony Township is an absolute classic in decks like this, dropping counters on the whole team, and of course that goes well with our counter amplifiers. Karn’s Bastion is an amazing mana sink for the mid-to-late game, and Tyrite Sanctum can literally turn Drizzt into an indestructible God.


Champion of LambholtGyre SageSteelbane Hydra

All of these cards put counters on themselves and care about how many they have, and while that doesn’t make them explicitly synergistic with Drizzt, it does mean they play well with our other counter-related cards. It also does make them somewhat helpful to Drizzt, as if they outgrow him and die, they’ll help him grow even further.


Header - Strength Saving Throw

So surely we have some creatures that are just here to die to Drizzt, right? Well, I chose not to play cards whose job is solely to die, though you could play things like Groundbreaker, Force of Savagery and even Phyrexian Dreadnought if you’re into very explicit combo cards that don’t do much on their own. That said, I do have some creatures who want to die while giving us value in the process besides just growing Drizzt:


Grothama, All-DevouringNessian Boar

Grothama turns combat into an exciting minigame, and if you end up being the one to pop it for value, you should be able to get plenty of cards. Plus, as long as it gets killed somehow with Drizzt in play, you’re going to get huge value for five mana. Nessian Boar is basically guaranteed to give cards away, but it’s also basically guaranteed to die.


CloudthresherWalker of the Grove

Evoke creatures are great with Drizzt, as long as they’re bigger than him, and these two usually will be. Cloudthresher is actually really nice to have around given that we don’t have much game against flyers otherwise, and Walker of the Grove gets the job done while leaving a 4/4 behind.


Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Of course, some creatures are just here to be big.


Header - Adding Proficiency Bonus

There are also some fantastic support cards we can lean on to help us take advantage of our large creatures. Some of them will even help us grow Drizzt a little more!


Life's LegacyMomentous Fall

This makes it easy to leverage your largest creature into Drizzt-related gains. Life’s Legacy is cheaper, but unfortunately, it only works at sorcery speed. Momentous Fall is more of a surprise, which is great if you can get Drizzt through unblocked – before damage, surprise! He’s much, much bigger.


Greater GoodHigh MarketMiren, the Moaning Well

Of course, it’s great to have some repeatable sacrifice outlets, and these three are fantastic choices. Miren may be a bit costly, but its output is much higher than that of High Market – of course, for consistency’s sake, it’s good to include both.


Khalni Ambush // Khalni Territory

An instant-speed fight spell that doubles as a land in a pinch is perfect here. We have plenty of big creatures that can win some battles, and even if we can only trade off, well, that helps Drizzt, of course!



Drop this on Drizzt to absolutely destroy a player, or use it to deal some serious damage with another big creature and then let it die to grow Drizzt to enormous heights. Either way, you’re winning.


Inspiring CallReturn of the WildspeakerRishkar's Expertise

Some additional card draw can’t hurt, right? Inspiring Call plays really well with all of our counter-adders and protects our creatures at the same time, while the other two just key off our biggest creature – and our deck is already very much about making one big thing.


The Ozolith

Where do counters go when they die? Well, hopefully they go onto The Ozolith. That way, when Drizzt comes back from his journey to the command zone, he can be properly suited up for combat.


Rogue's PassageWhispersilk Cloak

If you want to deal combat damage with your commander, you need some ways to sneak them through most of the time. Since Drizzt won’t always have evasion otherwise, it’s important to have options that make things really simple.


Header - The Final Deck List

Turns out this one’s not that complicated, so that’s everything I have to say! Here’s the full deck list. I can’t wait to see more cards from this set so that I can build something even sweeter!


Drizzt Do'Urden Commander/EDH by Eric Levine

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