The Grind is Real! Golgari Rock is Back in Standard!


Standard Golgari Midrange by Akio Matsuzaki

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This Standard format keeps on surprising me. Akio Matsuzaki lost in the Finals of the 184-player GGToor Championship Qualifier with this fresh take on Golgari Rock. He wasn’t the only one to bring the deck – four more Japanese players piloted the archetype to lesser success, but it shows there is a team working together on Golgari.

Witherbloom CommandOld RutsteinSarulf, Realm EaterHarness Infinity

The runner-up and his team chose to play Golgari gold cards that have been underappreciated in recent history like Witherbloom Command, Old Rutstein and Sarulf, Realm Eater. Sarulf is especially strong in this metagame full of token creatures. Culling Ritual provides even more destruction in that regard. Dig Up helps you hit those crucial land drops and fetches you your best card in the late game, for example the one copy of Harness Infinity

Three copies of Ray of Enfeeblement in the main deck is a bold move, but with white being the most dominant color in the format, it’s absolutely justifiable.

A key piece to the puzzle is Shigeki, Jukai Visionary. The legendary Snake provides you with never-ending land drops while filling up your graveyard to later use its channel ability to get the best spells out of your graveyard.

If you’re a fan of the slow attrition grind, give Golgari Rock a shot!


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