The Biggest Double Masters 2022 Previews This Week

The party don’t stop with Double Masters 2022, and this week we’ve seen another round of massive reprints come our way. While there are some stinkers in there as well – they can’t all be winners, kid – there is still an unbelievable amount of value in the cards you might open, and it’s encouraging to see Wizards address supply and pricing issues with reprints like these. 



Damnation ($25)


It’s funny seeing Damnation printed again. This was once one of the most-wanted reprints of all time, peaking at $70 back in 2016 before a handful of reprints brought the price back under control. Being included in Modern Masters 2017 helped to bring down Damnation’s cost, and then its appearance in Time Spiral Remastered – albeit at mythic – further added to the supply. It’s good to see Damnation back again, and in particular it’s good to see it back at rare, rather than mythic. 

Concordant Crossroads ($40)

Giving all creatures haste doesn’t really feel like a green ability, and Concordant Crossroads is quite a weird card in the world of today’s Magic. While it was included in a recent Secret Lair, this will be the first time Concordant Crossroads has been included in booster packs since Chronicles, and will also make black-border and new-frame printing available to a new generation of green mages. While it definitely feels like it breaks the color pie these days, the fact that more people will have access to this by-now strange card is only a good thing. 

Thrumming Stone ($40)

Thrumming Stone

I have a suspicion that the price of this card will completely bottom out if Double Masters 2022 is printed in anything approaching reasonable numbers. Thrumming Stone’s price is artificially high due to its weird scarcity, not due to an overwhelming demand for the card. It’s good in Relentless Rats-style EDH decks, but largely unplayable outside of them, so if you open this card, get rid of it quick before the price crashes. It shouldn’t be a $40 card, and if I’m right, it won’t remain so for long!

Seasoned Pyromancer ($30)

Seasoned Pyromancer

A Modern staple, Seasoned Pyromancer has seen a huge amount of play since it was first printed in Modern Horizons – the first Modern Horizons, that is, not the most recent one. A reprint for this format mainstay is long-overdue, and will help to make a dent in the ridiculous cost of getting into Modern. Decks of all kinds want this card – midrange decks, graveyard decks, any deck interested in grinding out value – so any boost to its supply is most welcome indeed. 

Food Chain ($50)

Food Chain

Last week, we talked about how Weathered Wayfarer was, for the first time, being printed as a non-foil with a black border in the new card frame. For those who like their cards as unspectacular and uniform as possible – there are dozens of us! – having Food Chain also receive its first non-foil, new-frame, black-border printing is excellent news. From Prossh to Ukkima and Cazur to Korvold, Food Chain is a popular inclusion in many EDH decks, and I suspect with this printing it will become a little more popular, too. 

Consecrated Sphinx ($40)

Consecrated Sphinx

They say this card is an incredible card advantage engine, but personally, I’ve never seen it happen. What I have seen this card do is make one of your opponents immediately play a removal spell to kill it, that’s for sure. Six mana, they discard a removal spell? Doesn’t seem that good! In all seriousness, Consecrated Sphinx is one of the quickest ways to both pull ahead in cards and have your opponents pull together against you, but as an underprinted mythic, it’s a costly old card. Hopefully Double Masters 2022 changes that!

Smothering Tithe ($40)

It’s back! For such a monumentally popular Commander card, it’s bizarre how long it’s taken to reprint Smothering Tithe. Perhaps Wizards didn’t anticipate the card taking off as it did, but three years to see the first reprint of a card that is played in almost every single white deck ever does feel a bit lengthy. Still, it’s great to see it return, and the art is a good approximation of what people will be doing to grab all the new copies that Double Masters 2022 will inject into the secondary market. 

Mana Drain ($50)

Mana Drain

There was a time when the Legends version of this card was the only one you could get your hands on – usually in Italian – and even then it still cost hundreds. Since then, reprints in Iconic Masters, Commander Legends and now Double Masters 2022 has helped to normalize the price, and you can pick this colossally powerful counterspell up for an order of magnitude less than beforehand. Don’t get too excited about playing it, however – it’s banned in every competitive format under the sun, and will make you a lot of enemies at every EDH table each time you cast it. 

Force of Negation ($60)

Force of Negation

Speaking of expensive counterspells, Force of Negation is another absurdly strong piece of countermagic that has a price tag to match, and its first proper reprint in Double Masters 2022 will hopefully alleviate this a little bit. Force of Negation is one of the most-played cards in the entire Modern format, and with good reason – it’s an answer to a lot of the more degenerate stuff people are trying to get away with in Modern. I’m glad it’s been included in Double Masters 2022, even if I do get blown out by it every time I try to resolve Scapeshift against a tapped out opponent!

The Eldrazi Titans

Emrakul, the Aeons TornUlamog, the Infinite GyreKozilek, Butcher of Truth

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn was finally previewed this week, confirming that all three of the original Eldrazi titans, Emrakul, Ulamog and Kozilek, will return in Double Masters 2022. These cards have been reprinted a fair few times, and Emrakul most of all, not just appearing in Modern Masters 2015 and Ultimate Masters, but also as a promo for Rise of the Eldrazi, as well as a Pro Tour promo. Despite their reprints, all three titans have held their value strongly, and in all honesty I don’t know that the Double Masters 2022 reprint will move the needle much – these cards are just that iconic and popular.


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