The Best Rares of Battle for Baldur’s Gate

You don’t need a flashy mythic in every pack when you see the exceptional rares that Battle for Baldur’s Gate is bringing to the table. While the power of a set is often driven by its mythic slot, Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate features some unique and exciting rares to build around. Here, I’ll highlight some of the best rares in the set, looking at the finest options in each color, plus multicolored, colorless and lands!




Archivist of Oghma (Extended Art)

Archivist of Oghma is yet another in a growing line of cards that provides card advantage for white decks. The Archivist “punishes” decks that search their library, giving the white player a card whenever the opposition chooses to use a tutor or fetch up a land. The card has potential playability in eternal formats and is easily worth a slot in commander, making it a worthy acquisition. 


Displacer Kitten (Extended Art)

One of the contenders for the cutest Magic cards, Displacer Kitten gives players access to a lot of blinks at little to no cost. Like Cloudstone Curio and Deadeye Navigator, the cute little blink machine offers a lot of game-winning combo potential at its best, while still representing a stellar value engine at its “worst.”


Altar of Bhaal // Bone Offering (Extended Art)

Recurring Nightmare is banned in Commander for a reason, and Altar of Bhaal is a clear design attempt at a “fixed” version of the effect. The steady value generation that the altar can provide in a dedicated graveyard deck is undeniable, and that’s without considering additional artifact synergies and the upside of its attached Adventure spell. 


Wrathful Red Dragon (Extended Art)

Dragons are an extremely popular creature type in the Commander format, so it is no surprise that red’s best rare gives the tribe a solid defensive card. Better still, Wrathful Red Dragon enables some wicked damage-based combos, just like Toralf, God of Fury or Brash Taunter. If you have a board full of Dragons when you drop something like a Blasphemous Act, for example, you are potentially throwing around lethal chunks of damage. 


Jaheira, Friend of the Forest (Foil Etched)

Green has some notable competition among its rares in Battle for Baldur’s Gate, but the card you absolutely should not be sleeping on is a new legend, Jaheira, Friend of the Forest. Her text features just the word “token,” meaning she gives any token the ability to churn out mana. Turning your Elf tokens into Llanowar Elves is perfectly fine, but pales in comparison to transforming every Treasure token into a Mox Emerald


Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm (Foil Etched)

There are a lot of fun multicolored cards in Battle for Baldur’s Gate, which is no surprise given that the set is designed around Commander, but one new legendary creature really stands out for enabling one of the most fun tribes in the format. Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm doubles up on every Dragon you play, even other legends! This is battlecruiser Magic at its finest, allowing you to sling big, beautiful Dragons with simplistic efficiency. 


Blade of Selves (Extended Art)

A much-needed reprint, Blade of Selves allows you to transform any one threat into a threat to the whole table. Getting a bunch of enters the battlefield triggers alongside whatever damage the myriad creatures can get in for is huge, adding even more value to every swing. Even if all you do is triple-up on a big beater, there is something extremely satisfying about triggering a Blade of Selves.


Luxury Suite (Extended Art)Bountiful Promenade (Extended Art)Sea of Clouds (Extended Art)Morphic Pool (Extended Art)Spire Garden (Extended Art)

The Battlebond cycle of lands is the most impactful reprint for Commander a whole. In a multiplayer game, these are as close to the drawback-free, ABUR duals as we’re likely to get. Luxury Suite, Bountiful Promenade, Sea of Clouds, Morphic Pool and Spire Garden all come in untapped, without any drawback, and provide seamless fixing for their colors. Of all the rares you can crack in Battle for Baldur’s Gate, you’ll always feel good seeing these.  

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