The Best of Crucible of War on CFB

Monarch is coming soon and the latest Flesh and Blood set will be getting all the attention when it arrives, so what better time to look back at some of the best Crucible of War content we published over the last few months!

Crucible dropped on August 28th last year and delivered some exciting new cards and heroes.

KP covered his Top 10 Most Interesting cards from the set last year.

Gorganian Tome

“Gorganian Tome is a weird card. And it is in that weirdness that I find it beautiful.” 

DMArmada also took a look at the best of the set, with a dive into its hidden gems.

Meganetic Shockwave

“This is a backbreaking card against, well against a LOT of different classes”

Abbas showcased some of the toys Crucible gave the Ranger class in his Azalea breakdown, hopefully Monarch can add even more!


“This play sequence perfectly illustrates the engine of Azalea and the smooth card swapping feeling that Ranger is all about.”

DMArmada not only looked at hidden gems, but also made not one, but two videos about new hero, Kavdaen.

Kavdaen, Trader of Skins

“You’re just constantly gaining life, so that’s gonna be the gameplan”

Crucible also introduced some new lore around the heroes of Rathe, as Data Doll explains…

Data Doll MKII

“The Savage Lands, a vast jungle populated by vicious brutes. Example: Kayo.”


We’ve had a great time with Crucible, and are excited for more action when Monarch releases on April 30th, you can preorder the set here!

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