The Best Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon GO

While cracking any Pokemon TCG pack is a thrill, there is just something extremely satisfying about opening up a legendary Pokemon. While many of these cards may not actually be as rare as they feel, the main line of video games gives these cards an extra edge in just how they feel to have in play. It helps that many of them are single-evolution powerhouses, making their impact felt on the game the minute they hit play. The newest Pokemon TCG set, Pokemon GO, brings both classic and new legends into the game.

Legendary Birds

Moltres (012/078)Articuno (024/078)Zapdos (029/078)

The legendary birds make a triumphant return in Pokemon GO. Previous printings of the legendary birds often had expensive abilities, sitting on your bench while you gave them the 3+ energy they needed to become active and start taking out opposing pokemon. The Pokemon GO versions are much the same, each requiring three energy to dish out 110 damage, but while you’re waiting to juice them up with that three energy they now buff basic Pokemon of their element. Dealing 10 more damage may not sound like much, but it adds up very quickly and can make all the difference in the early game. Having Pokemon that make an impact without even needing to be active really makes them feel legendary.

Mewtwo’s Return

Mewtwo V (072/078)Mewtwo VSTAR (086/078)

Mewtwo, one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the game, also makes yet another appearance in Pokemon GO. Mewtwo V dishes out solid chunks of damage while also helping to set up your bench by transferring energy. Dealing 160 damage and then prepping your game for its next phase feels good. Metwo VSTAR, meanwhile, represents some truly impressive damage, either dealing out multiplicative chunks of 90 damage and having the option to deal mass damage to all of your opponent’s Pokemon V. All the better, Mewtwo V is also available as a highly collectible, full art variant that makes it look like the raid boss that it truly is in the mobile Pokemon GO game.

The Melting Mythic

Meltan (045/078)Melmetal (046/078)Melmetal V (075/078)Melmetal VMAX (048/078)

The Melmetal line isn’t technically legendary, they are defined as “mythic” Pokemon (the same way Mew is the Mythic of the first generation, while Mewtwo is a Legendary), but to the casual observer these classifications are more or less interchangeable. Meltan and its evolutionary line made its first appearance in Pokemon GO and it’s very cool to see it given proper representation in the TCG. Meltan and Melmetal both deal respectable damage, while Melmetal V represents even greater damage with the added ability to juice itself up with Arm Charge. Arm charge helps lead into Melmetal VMAX perfectly, piling on energy to make G-Max Juggernaut throw out maximum damage as soon as possible

GOing Beyond

Pokemon GO brings legendary hype, not only by bringing interesting representations of the Mobile game into the TCG, but by giving us sweet new representatives of some of the best legendary creatures in the game. Pokemon GO has really gone the extra mile to bring something new into the game, resulting in a genuinely different feel when you play these newest cards. If you have any affection for the mobile game, or any love for the classic Pokemon it’s bringing back into focus, you’ll find something to enjoy in every pack.

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