The Best Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Archetypes in Limited

Today, I’m breaking down the best Innistrad: Midnight Hunt archetypes for Limited, and it’s a format I’ve been enjoying immensely. I’ll be re-reviewing the cards that have ratings changes tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that, with today being a look at the decks I think are best, the top commons in the top five decks and a couple observations on the format.



Header - Color Pair Rankings

There are definitely distinct tiers in this format, but I actually think the color balance is pretty good (with the exception of red). Still, when you break down where each color pair lands, five out of 10 are pairs I’m happy to end up in, three out of 10 are solid when open and only two out of 10 are pairs I try and avoid. That really isn’t bad, even if blue/white/black are better than green, and red is in dead last.


Header - Tier 1 Decks


UW Flyers/Disturb

This is a tempo deck, and tries to pressure the opponent while using bounce and pump spells to push through the last bits of damage. Disturb offers good lategame power, and overall this deck has a high power level and good synergy.


UW Top Commons


UB Zombies

UB has the highest individual power level among its cards, with half the commons being awesome. It also has good synergy, as there are tons of ways to use the decayed tokens (tokens that you get essentially for free). It has a sacrifice subtheme, and combines card advantage and aggression such that it can easily win short games or long games.


UB Top Commons


Header - Tier 2 Decks


WG Human Aggro

This deck uses aggressive creatures and pump spells to beat the opponent down before they can get to the late game, and is a little more all-in than UW or UB as a result. It’s got a great curve at common, and all the pump spells are good (because there are so many good pump spells, I don’t prioritize them as much as the top commons).


GW Top Commons


WB Sacrifice

WB is a synergy deck, with the WB gold uncommons giving you a strong reason to go for a sacrifice theme. It can be aggressive, but doesn’t have to be, and has high card quality overall.


Top WB Commons


UG Self-Mill

UG is a throwback to the OG Innistrad Spider Spawning decks. It uses blue and green self-mill cards plus disturb and flashback to win long games, with Winterthorn Blessing giving it a way to play a tempo strategy as well. 


UG Top Commons


Header - Tier 3 Decks


RB Vampires/RB Spells

These decks are both okay when they come together, but they don’t overlap as much as you’d want, and going down a path where you have elements of both doesn’t tend to work out well. Red is also just a shallow color, so any red deck runs the risk of missing out on good commons.


UR Spells

The spells deck is one I would expect to love, but is too inconsistent for my tastes. It’s a synergy deck that has a decent fail rate, and doesn’t have raw power to fall back on.


GB Self-Mill

Despite black being a good color, this is basically a worse version of UG. It has less enablers once you lose Organ Hoarder and less payoffs once the blue disturb creatures are gone, making it a deck mostly based on pure power level. That can be fine if you open the right cards, but you shouldn’t end up in GB that often.


Header - Tier 4 Decks


RW Aggro

Again, red is just a weak color. RW Aggro is basically worse than any other W/X combination, making this the choice only if you are forced into it.


RG Werewolves/RG Spells

Ah, the Werewolf deck, bringing up the rear. Fitting for a Werewolf set, or something. There is also a RG Spells deck, but in both cases, the red cards are too weak and the power just isn’t there. I’d try and avoid this color combo if at all possible.


Header - Notes

  • Blue is the best color, and has the most good decks (plus a very deep common pool). White and black are both fine, green is solid and I’d try to avoid red. 
  • Counterspells have been solid, and Stormrider Spirit gets a slight bump if you have counters as well.
  • As with any format, you need early plays even if you aren’t playing aggro (Baithook Angler is a great common for a reason), so it’s worth prioritizing two-drops.
  • There are a ton of ways to draw cards, so try and avoid the tempo-negative ones (Vivisection, Curse of Surveillance, Blood Pact) and pick up Organ Hoarder, Shipwreck Sifters and Eccentric Farmer.
  • There are tons of great four-drops, so don’t take too many early.

Good luck drafting, and make sure to check back for my re-review!


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