The Best Fire Type Akora: Akai

The first decision you need to make when playing Akora is selecting your Akora. We’ve talked a bit about some of the best cards to build your deck around already, but those cards only matter if you have a solid Akora to pair them with. Fire decks are some of the best options to play if you’re new to the game, as they feature straightforward aggressive plays that don’t require an extensive decision tree. With that in mind, it’s also best to pick an aggressive Akora to match, and if we’re talking pure damage you can do no better than Akai.


Akai’s first stage, simply named Akai, is a respectable body with 150 soul points and a similarly solid damage dealing ability that can hit for 600 points. On top of presenting a respectable threat in the early game, Akai also features adorable art of the dragon as a juvenile. It won’t be long before he grows up and becomes something far more scary for your opponent, but they get to feel just a little silly while a baby dragon beats them up in the early stages of the game.



As I said, Akai grows up quickly into Akai-Hiko when you have the resources to relic him up, and his modest 150 spirit points jump up to a much more impressive 250. Even more impressive, his 600 damage attack literally doubles in its effectiveness, upgrading to a 1200 damage Scorch that’s that much better equipped to start threatening your opponent’s essence. Like his first form, there is still a little bit of a “cute” element to the now seemingly adolescent dragon, so your opponent gets to enjoy the experience of an angsty teenage dragon going after their champion.


When fully grown, Akai transforms into Akai-Hane and becomes one of the largest threats in the game. His health ramps all the way up to 600, giving him some solid tankiness in pure soul points, and his basic attack goes up to 1500 damage. His ultimate attack, that requires sacrificing a shard to use, hits the top-end of damage in the game at 2300- more than worth the extra cost to help close out a game. Visually, Akai-Hane makes up for all the cuteness and the awkward teenage phase by becoming a seriously mean looking dragon worthy of his crown as the best fire Akora.

At Home In Aggression

Akai is unquestionably the correct pick if you want to play an aggressive fire deck, especially if you consider some of the support that can be run alongside him. While there are plenty of cards that buff up fire types, Akai is uniquely placed to take full advantage of the Battlezone card that he calls his home: Mt. Hane. In addition to the damage he can already deal, Mt. Hane lets him take out opposing alchemy cards that might otherwise represent a serious threat. Akai is at home in an aggressive shell and is more than ready to start taking chunks out of the opponent. 

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