Take It Slow with Legacy BG Slow Depths


Legacy BG Slow Depths by masongrode



In Legacy there’s various ways to put a Marit Lage token in play, and the one that Masongrade chose on his way to Top 8 the Sunday’s MTGO Legacy Challenge is with Vampire Hexmage and Thespian’s Stage. However, this isn’t a regular Golgari Turbo Depths, due to its lack of Elvish Spirit Guide and not even the full playset of Lotus Petal, so instead I’d call this deck Slow Depths.

Dark DepthsDark ConfidantDauthi Voidwalker

The newer card here is Dauthi Voidwalker, which is excellent against the plethora of graveyard decks from Murktide Regent to Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and of course any Reanimator shenanigans.

This deck’s goal is to achieve the Marit Lage, but it isn’t as “all-in” as previous version of this deck. You can control the opponent with discard spells and removals, while getting ahead in card advantage with Dark Confidant.

Your combo isn’t simply dying to Swords to Plowshares because you have Sylvan Safekeeper and Sejiri Steppe that you can tutor up with both Elvish Reclaimer and Crop Rotation to assemble a safe and sound kill.

While some versions of the Dark Depths combo used to play Pithing Needle to name Wasteland, this deck doesn’t bother with it and even goes as far as playing two Wasteland in the main as extra way to disrupt the opponent in its midrange-combo plan.


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