Strixhaven Preview Highlight: Vanishing Verse Targets in Standard

Vanishing Verse seems to be one of the better cards in Strixhaven.


Vanishing Verse (Extended)


You pay two mana to remove a monocolored permanent, which looks like just another fairly innocent removal spell. But the fact that it says “permanent” instead of creature is incredibly important. 


Edgewall InnkeeperLovestruck Beast // Heart's DesireThe Great HengeEmbercleave


Standard currently revolves mostly around the adventure creature package (Edgewall Innkeeper, Bonecrusher Giant, Lovestruck Beast), but also around two legendary artifacts – The Great Henge and Embercleave.

Normally playing a B/W deck would make you pretty cold to something like The Great Henge unless you had Elspeth Conquers Death in your deck, so getting a two-mana instant speed answer is going to be very valuable. 

The way The Great Henge works is that the creature first needs to come into play for you to get the Henge trigger to draw the extra card, so you can even respond to them casting the creature by exiling the Henge and they won’t even get to draw.

I don’t even need to explain what a blowout it could be to destroy Embercleave at instant speed and blow your opponent out in combat.


Goldspan DragonElder Gargaroth


There are other important Standard haymakers like Goldspan Dragon and Elder Gargaroth that you’ll also be able to trade up on mana with. 

I fully expect Vanishing Verse to become a four-of Strixhaven Standard staple and I’m really happy that we’re getting such a versatile removal spell. Mana fixing is pretty good right now with all the Triomes and Pathways, so even playing three colors isn’t very hard, so you should be able to add Vanishing Verse to a lot decks.


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