Strixhaven Preview Highlight: Storming Off with Clever Lumimancer

There’s a fairly innocent looking card in Strixhaven that will probably have an impact on the older formats like Modern. That card is Clever Lumimancer.




At first sight, you see a one drop that can presumably sometimes hit for two if you happen to cast a spell before attacking or even four if you cast two or something like a Manamorphose

The trick is in the wording of the card. If you look at Kiln Fiend, it says “whenever you cast,” so you actually have to cast a lot of spells to try to go for a turn three lethal. Lumimancer says “whenever you cast or copy,” which is a huge difference because it enables some crazy combo kills on turn two.

For example, Lumimancer with Chain of Smog.


Chain of Smog


  • Turn 1: Lumimancer, go.
  • Turn 2: Chain of Smog, targeting myself. Copy it, targeting myself again. Copy it again. And again and again… attack for a million.

That’s a two card combo that kills on turn two!


Ground RiftManamorphoseMutagenic GrowthGut Shot


You can also use cards with storm to pump Lumimancer multiple times. Cards like Ground Rift make sure your opponent can’t block, which combines nicely with Manamorphose, Mutagenic Growth or Gut Shot to get enough copies to attack for lethal on turn two.

This card might not make big waves in Standard, but I fully expect players to try to break it in Modern and possibly even Historic, now that we’re getting storm cards like Grapeshot into the format.



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