Strixhaven Preview Highlight: Reliving Seasons Past with Harness Infinity

I’ve been poring over Strixhaven’s preview cards, with special attention to the Witherbloom “school.” For most of the cards, I can envision clear ways to use them. There are solid creatures, efficient removal spells, value cards a life gain theme; it’s somewhat straightforward. But there’s one Witherbloom Mythic Rare that has me losing sleep. 


Harness Infinity


It’s clear that Harness Infinity is a card worth paying attention to. It’s unique and outrageously powerful. It should lead directly to a win when it resolves in a deck built around it. The question is, what does it mean for a deck to be “built around” Harness Infinity? Allow me to go over some qualities that I like in this card, and we can take the first steps of the brewing process together. 


Seasons PastDark Petition


The first thing I like about Harness Infinity is its similarity to Seasons Past, which is a card I played in various decks in the past. The idea was to ramp your mana, cast a flurry of interactive spells, then use Dark Petition to find a one or two-of Seasons Past and pick everything up again. After casting everything a second time, you could use Dark Petition to find Seasons Past again and repeat the process. It was slow, but it was an unlimited stream of value!

The next thing I like is that Harness Infinity is an instant. I’d normally expect a game-changing spell like this to be a sorcery. Instant-speed means that you can pass with mana open to defend yourself, and then cast your big spell when the time is right. You get to bring everything back to your hand, then spend the next turn picking your opponent apart with removal spells or winning the game with a combo finish. 

Speaking of combos, I’ll be looking for ways to cast this without actually spending full retail price from my hand. For example, you could design a self-mill deck in Historic with access to any of these cards.


Torrential GearhulkScholar of the Lost TroveMizzix's Mastery


Fill your graveyard with all the goodies you want in your hand plus a copy of Harness Infinity and you’re all set. This is not even to mention that Harness Infinity with Omniscience ought to lead to an instant win. 

These are just a few of the many thoughts swirling around in my brain. Being an instant, I think it’s reasonable to play with Harness Infinity in a “fair” capacity as the world’s greatest card drawing spell. For instance, as a one-of in a Sultai Control or Ramp deck. Alternatively, I can’t wait to see some of the combo potential that creative deck builders can find with this extraordinary card. 



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