Strixhaven Preview Highlight: Is The Biblioplex the Next Library of Alexandria?

We got a new Library of Alexandria in Standard! 




This can be a nice utility land for control decks where you have a high number of instants and sorceries. Think U/W Control in Historic or Jeskai Control in Modern.

I like the design, because unlike Library, it’s not only good when you already have a full hand, which means you’re likely ahead, but it’s also good when you run out of cards, which is when you will need the ability the most.


Library of Alexandria


The fact that you can put the card in the graveyard even if you don’t hit is huge. This will allow you to get even further into your deck instead of drawing another land next turn that won’t help you stabilize.

Overall, it seems like a decent utility land that isn’t crazy powerful at every stage of the game, but it can be great in certain spots. On the other hand, I’m not convinced that this will always be better for your deck than a creature-land.

Standard doesn’t really have too many creature-lands, as you can only reasonably play Crawling Barrens, or maybe Faceless Haven if you build your mana base out of snow lands, but you should strongly weigh in all the pros and cons. You won’t really be activating this land that many times, while a creature-land would be something that adds a finisher to your deck and you’ll be able to activate it at any time.

Strixhaven looks good and fun so far. I especially appreciate that, after the super high power level of Throne of Eldraine, they seem to be keeping cards more on the fair side of things for now.


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