Strixhaven Preview Highlight: Dragonsguard Elite



Okay, so what do you have here? A two mana 2/2? Okay. That’s a pretty good. Typically spells that want you to cast other noncreature spells, in this case instants and sorceries, tend to be blue.



Edgewall InnkeeperLovestruck Beast // Heart's DesireBonecrusher Giant // StompFire Prophecy


However, this card’s interesting. If you think about the green cards in Standard, what comes to mind? For me, it’s Edgewall Innkeeper. One of the notable things about Dragonsguard Elite in Standard is that many of the creatures also have a spell part.

Imagine a Gruul deck with Dragonsguard Elite plus just a slightly above-average numbers of spells, such as Heart’s Desire, Stomp and maybe even Fire Prophecy, Scorching Dragonfire or Frost Bite, depending on the build. Maybe you can opt for cards like Primal Might or Blizzard Brawl too.


I think that with adventures, there’s a reasonable chance that this will be a very strong two-drop in a Gruul-based strategy. It can help play the deck have threats at more points on the curve. Right now, the two drops aren’t as strong as the other parts of the curve, and this one also provides a late game mana sink. At the very least, I’m looking forward to trying it!



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