Strixhaven Preview Highlight: Blotting the Board with Blot Out the Sky



This is quite an interesting card.  The card is very close to winning the game for eight mana, but unlike many cards in that vein, it actually does have quite a bit of upside in other scenarios.  Okay, maybe it doesn’t quite “win the game” for eight mana, but destroying all other nonland permanents and putting six 2/1 creatures into play is definitely strong. The more mana you spend, the more creatures you get.

If you spend less than 8 mana, this is still a legitimate card. The issue of the creature tokens entering the battlefield tapped is an unfortunate one, as it takes away the ability to make two or three 2/1 creatures and then block with them. You do have to wait a turn, but against a hyper aggressive deck it may still be worth it.

Orzhov Control decks have been represented in the past, though it has been a while. This card is powerful enough that it could potentially put Orzhov back on the map or potentially be a powerful took in a deck like Mardu or Esper control.


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