First Day of School: The Colleges of Strixhaven

I remember the feelings I had the night before the first day of school. The spread from excitement to anxiety, anticipation to reluctance, and everything in between was all present for me. And I feel that way about the arrival of Strixhaven! What will this format offer me as both a content creator and a draft degenerate? Will I enjoy it as much as Kaldheim? Will there be more decks to draft beyond the 5 colleges? All of these questions and more are running through my head as I prepare for my first draft of this new format.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before I start thinking outside the box for STX, I want to make sure I have the fundamentals and essentials down pat for what I can expect from this format. To do so, I want to walk you through how I expect each of the Colleges to play out based on my time reviewing the full card list. Let’s get started!


Quandrix does what green and blue do best together: ramp and draw cards. In this case, there is the specific goal of getting to the threshold of 8 lands in play to unlock some sweet payoffs. There is also a subtheme of fractals which are essentially 0/0 tokens that enter the battlefield with some number of +1/+1 counters on them, but I think the main idea here is to accelerate yourself as quickly as possible.


The Enablers

Even though we’re in school, I think this college approves of cheating extra lands into play. Field Trip and Emergent Sequence act as Nature’s Lore or Rampant Growth respectively, searching up lands and getting them right into play. Eureka Moment is the complete package as a super Growth Spiral. Quandrix Cultivator ramps while providing a formidable body, and Quandrix Apprentice gives all your instants and sorceries the possibility of drawing you into more lands. The ways to accelerate to 8 lands are clearly plentiful, but what do we do once we’ve got all these lands in play?

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