Storybook Brawl Hero Guide – Peter Pants

Welcome to my first Hero Guide for Storybook Brawl! If you haven’t heard of the game before, I wrote an intro article here, and just last week, announced that I’m joining the Storybook Brawl team here. Today, we’re going to dive into a guide that can take you from zero to hero with one of my favorite Heroes, Peter Pants.



Pants plays in a way no other hero does – you give up the ability to level up, which means you won’t get access to spells or characters above third level, but in exchange you get a number of benefits. Not going above three is a huge disadvantage, so let’s talk about what Pants gets in return:

  • Characters in the shop get buffed. As you level up (often helped by Adventurer), your shop gets stronger and stronger.
  • Easy access to triples, and therefore level 3 Treasures. Because you don’t see higher level characters, you can triple the ones you have much more easily than normal Heroes.
  • Consistent access to True Love’s Kiss. This spell is key in winning with Pants, and like the characters you’ll be offered, being restricted to level 3 and lower spells means you’ll see this one a lot as well.


Header - Overall Gamepants

Assemble Hat-Ball (Merlin’s Hat + Crystal Ball) and scale a team of golden characters that grow over time. Cast as many True Love’s Kisses as you can, and end up with a gigantic squad of goldens.

Peter Pants is secretly the Mage hero, as his increased chances of getting level 3 Treasures means that he can put together this combo way more consistently than anyone else:


Once you have these two Treasures combined, you can tear through the shop, as every targeted spell you cast replaces itself, and most of them are free thanks to the Hat. It also so happens that a ton of the targeted spells are low level, so you can easily just go off when you get these two going. If you’re lucky, you can also add one of these two to the mix:


But wait, how does Pants get access to level 4 or 6 treasures? There are a few ways to get higher level treasures, all of which are great to pick up as Pants.



Finding three Blind Mice is the easiest way to get to Forking Rod, though Rune Stones or Treasure Map can get you there as well. The Mondo combo of Treasure Map + Three Blind Mice is how you get to six, and while it comes up less frequently, is quite strong once you get there.

Your main goal as Pants is to find Merlin’s Hat, Crystal Ball, and ideally Forking Rod or Wand of Weirding.

All the times I’ve won with Pants I’ve had at least HatBall, and usually one of the double-spell Treasures too. Because it’s so important, you should be aggressively buying doubles of characters to try and triple them, even characters you aren’t that interested in playing. I rarely pass on Blind Mouse, and the Map and Rune Stones are key as well. 

Let’s talk characters, and what you want your team to look like (since there are a few configurations that tend to work well).


Header - Level 2 Characters

One of the cool things about Peter Pants is that you start at level 3, so you don’t need to spend too much time buying Level 2 characters. Thanks to the latest patch, you can no longer hit a board of all Tier 3 characters on turn one, which is a huge quality of life improvement.

On turn one, I like buying one of the following if possible, though there are plenty of factors that could change the order (like which spells are available, if you’re locking for a good Level 3 character, etc).


The reason I like starting with these is that you spend so little time buying Tier 2 characters that I’m not as interested in things like Black Cat or Sherwood Sureshot, which are usually high priorities. Mim can help support an early Adventurer or Shadow Assassin, and Chicken and Cinder-Ella both help you build towards your midgame comps. Chicken lets you buy multiple 3’s in just a few turns, and finding a level 2 Treasure off Cinder-Ella is a great start.

One level 2 character worth mentioning is Wizard’s Familiar.


This is one that’s fine to buy early, but really starts picking up steam once you have Hat-Ball going. If I’m on my way towards Tron (Hat + Ball), I usually spec on one or two of these bad boys, as they triple and become huge once you’ve really gone off.


Header - Level 3 Characters

Here’s where things get interesting. You always stay at level 3, so these are the characters that will make up the bulk of your squad. Let’s take a look at the highest value ones and then discuss what they each bring to the table.


Adventurer needs a little help to get going, but can really go nuts once you’ve buffed her enough. With Pan, every three XP you get grows your shop by one, and once you have a golden Adventurer, you can really go nuts. You want to combine Adventurer with supports, pump spells and Treasures like Sting (at least until you get Hat-Ball).


Dubly isn’t great early, but can grow monstrously large later. You actually want to leave Dubly in the shop if you’re going off with Adventurer, as he will sit there sucking up the buffs until you buy him. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually roll Dubly, so you don’t need to worry about buying him early – as they say, if you really love your Dubly, you have to set him free.


Spell Weaver is the overall best Pants character, as your whole game plan is spam a million spells. It’s good to buy Spell Weaver early or late, and it’s not unheard of to end up with multiple 200+ attack Spell Weavers. Shadow Assassin is a little harder to get going, but an upgraded Shadow Assassin paired with a rampaging Adventurer is pretty good, and you can easily get Assassin into the 30 to 50 range. Of note, Assassin does grow health as well as attack, so it’s not just worse than Spell Weaver in some comps.


Header - Bringing It All Together

Now that you know which characters to look out for, here are some tips about how to assemble the ultimate pair of Pants.

  • In the early game, you should look to just put stats on the board and buy up pairs to try and triple. It’s great if you can buy a couple Spell Weavers, but if the shop has multiples of other level 3 characters, they are all fine early buys.
  • Picking up a Mad Mim is a must if you want to go for the Adventurer strat. Note that Adventurer doesn’t scale well into the late game, so if you don’t have one going in the first four or five turns, it’s usually not worth trying for. Sting is the best early Treasure for this plan, though Cloak of the Assassin is great too. 
  • Without Adventurer, it’s usually tough to get Shadow Assassin going, though Kitty Cutpurse can work for a little while.
  • When you triple, try and avoid selling off the upgraded character, even if it’s not one you’re running. You want to use True Love’s Kiss only on upgraded characters, as the new character keeps the upgrade, and the goal is to eventually hit some nice level 5’s and 6’s. You should rarely pass on the opportunity to cast TLK.
  • Prized Pig and Lucky are good early economy buys, especially if you have a strong enough team that you can afford to run them. I may buy Pig a little too often, but it can do good work in the right spot.
  • Around the midgame, you should be buying and holding as many Blind Mice as you can see, with the goal of getting Forking Rod. Note that selling back the golden Mouse is good, because it puts all three back in the pool.
  • Have your body ready to finish top four, as Pants can struggle in the final couple battles. Not having access to good offensive spells like Pigomorph, is a real cost, and you have to be Hat-Balling out of control to win most lobbies. The good thing is that when you do go off, you’re nearly unstoppable, especially if you go off quickly and make the lobby a fast one.

Here’s an example of a comp that BK (my co-host on Constructed Resources) won with last night, and it’s basically the ideal setup (including using True Love’s Kiss to hit Storm King).



He used Adventurer to grow Shadow Assassin for a while before dropping it, and used three Blind Mice plus Treasure Map to find Wand of Weirding and complete Tron. He then went hard on spells and ended up with an awesome Mage team.

Peter Pants is one of the most fun and rewarding Heroes, even if playing him can be a bit tricky. Hopefully this guide helps, and be sure to check back here on ChannelFireball for more Storybook Brawl content. If you want to download the game, head on over to StorybookBrawl.com, or check out the game on Steam. You can also join the very active Discord here and chat with other Brawlers.

Happy Brawling, and may you always buy a Prized Pig on turn two.

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