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Gwen is one of the most unique heroes in the game and I’m frequently asked about her on stream, hence the creation of this guide. She’s versatile and a player’s playstyle will be reflected in how they play her as she tests your greed and adaptability. She is widely considered one of the top five strongest heroes too! If you would prefer to watch a short summary of this guide, check out this video:



Gwen’s hero power gives you one copy of the spell Knighthood at the start of the game. This will occupy one of your four hand spaces until you cast it. Casting it functions the same way as any other spell; you won’t be able to play another spell on the same turn you cast Knighthood. It should be noted that casting Knighthood on a character does not count as tripling it so you will not receive a treasure.

There are various strategies that revolve around the timing and target of Gwen’s hero power. This can also vary greatly on the patch and meta so I’ve tried to give an extensive list so this guide is as relevant as possible across multiple patches. Even though there will normally be optimal lines in which to utilize your hero power, the reason Gwen is so fun is because you can opt not to Knighthood “optimal targets” if you wish to experiment or perhaps live on the edge saving Knighthood for that elusive six-drop (or for next game). That being said, let’s now discuss some optimal targets for Gwen’s hero power and break it down into early, mid and late game options.


Header - Early Game Targets

Wizard’s Familiar is the most consistent target when playing Gwen. Casting Knighthood on it turn one grants immediate power that will scale till late mid game. Depending on the patch, it can still be correct to buy Wizard’s Familiar and Knighthood it on turn two, particularly if your shop is mediocre.

Try to priorities spells early game but take care not to be gold inefficient or weaken your board by tunnel visioning on the +2/+2 buff over strong characters (especially on level 3). Keep in mind with this line of play you will likely drop the Wizard’s Familiar from your comp once you reach level 6 so don’t over commit to it (you can force hatball if you want to but shouldn’t really). The only time Wizard’s Familiar makes it into your final board is if you play animals with Bearstein and try to Croc Bait it. Try to prioritise the treasure Crown of Atlas as this will make Wizard’s Familiar synergise with Fairy Godmother and Good Boy.

Another question I get asked is, “after Knighthooding a Wizard’s Familiar, if there’s another copy I see later on, should I buy it?” Buying this extra copy is tempting as you’re expecting to be casting at least one spell every turn. When evaluating a decision like this, it’s important to consider a few things. First, what are the other options in the shop and how do they immediately compare in stats to a second non-upgraded Wizard’s Familiar. How many turns/spells will it take for Wizard’s Familiar to become equal or better? By the time Wizard’s Familiar does scale sufficiently, what turn will you be on and what sort of options will you be able to buy at that point?


Happy Little Tree is the other main option to cast Knighthood on turn one or even two. It can be more demanding to play around than Wizard’s Familiar; however, I have found it to be the superior turn one target. The speed at which it scales for free will help preserve your health early and often allows you to comfortably develop either a “Good” or Treant comp.

It’s very important that you prioritize cards which give it attack such as Mad Mim, Good Witch of the North, Darkwood Creeper, Heartwood Elder and spells. If you do have the Tree with Creeper combo, which is very strong, try to hold pairs of two-drops (such as chickens) to hit Ring of Meteors. Happy Little Tree is more likely to stay in your final board and can be used to give Shoulder Faeries health. Be careful in the mid-game if you haven’t been able to give it much attack, especially if you’re playing a Fairy Godmother comp. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security and overestimate the strength of your durable board which lacks attack.


Polywoggle is the other unit you may want to prioritize buying on level 2 (and throughout the game). This is because if it does happen to transform, you’ll often want to Knighthood the target (don’t Knighthood the poly itself)! To show a best case scenario of this, check out one of my favorite games where I cast Knighthood on a very early Vain-pire:



Header - Level 3 Targets

There are a variety of targets that are great to Knighthood on level 3. The two that are always great options regardless of your board state are Adventurer and Sleeping Princess. Casting Knighthood on Sleeping Princess gives you a 16/16 which can easily carry you throughout the next few turns allowing you to preserve health and be more greedy looking for XP options.

Knighthooding Adventurer may be risky and you’ll normally want to backline her in slot five. This prevents her from being sniped/earthquake’d and she will be more likely to slay as characters won’t be full health when it’s her turn to hit. The next priority should be to find The White Stag and then Grim Soul on level 4. She can of course also be played in slot one if you have supports, Sting or are against a hero such as Evella where she’s more likely to slay in slot one. It should be noted if you’re a less experienced player to be cautious choosing Adventurer as your target. First learn to be proficient at understanding how to min-max her slay and be comfortable with stabilizing an XP lead where you bleed health.


Princess Wight is the best target to Knighthood on Gwen by a large margin. You can even Knighthood it on 3-0 regardless of whether or not you have any dwarves. Upgraded Wight gains +2/+2 each time a dwarf dies so she’ll scale incredibly fast if you play a couple of cheap dwarves or even a single Tweedle Dee. Upgrading Wight with knighthood doesn’t remove her quest so you can still buy seven dwarves for a level 3 treasure. A strategy frequently employed is to not even stay as dwarves, but rather leverage her free scaling and power in the mid game to comfortably pivot to another comp.


Another fine target you may consider depending on your board state is Queen of Hearts. She is notably less compelling than the above options and limits you to playing evil for the rest of the game.


Header - Level 4 Targets

If you have minimal (or sometimes even no) setup for either Bearded Vulture, Fairy Godmother or Hungry Hungry Hippocampus and find one early upon reaching level 4, it will often be worth to Knighthood and pivot into it. All of these are equally insane to Knighthood and will solo carry you similar to Wight. An advanced tip is to keep this in mind while you’re on level 3 and prioritize buying units that will immediately make these units strong such as Princess Peep and Black Cat. Here’s a perfect example from a game I had where I chose to sell and play down a minion to buy a peep in anticipation of level 4.



The intuitive play is to just buy Cinder-ella/Familiar and Turkish Delight but instead I sold Fanny and bought the peep alongside the XP. Also, yes, those scores are accurate and I did end up winning this game after Knighthooding a Godmother the following turn!


Other decent/fun targets are Prince Arthur, Heartwood Elder and Puff Puff. Arthur can be extremely powerful if you have a couple of upgraded Royals, but for the most part, these options are substantially worse than those above. Puff Puff is obviously a bit of a meme to Knighthood but will give +2/+2 upon death and can genuinely be a ton of stats on early 4.


Header - Late Game Targets

If playing correctly, you shouldn’t really get to this stage of the game without using your hero power and you’re probably doing something wrong. Perhaps you can get away with it if you’re lower MMR or are simply a mad lad. There’s a couple strong five-drops to Knighthood which will give your board a huge injection of combat strength; however, if you’re healthy, there’s a good chance it will be worth waiting to Knighthood a six-drop.


The best targets on level 5, particularly if you find them early relative to the game state (you gained XP or cheated into higher level characters), are Southern Siren and Wretched Mummy. It’s normally best to play Southern Siren in position 5 as this will ensure you have board space when it attacks and will often allow it to hit and slay multiple times at the end of the fight. This is because it can’t be hit initially and then will summon minions in the frontline if it value trades further protecting herself.

If you have managed to stay alive and still have your Knighthood by level 6, you’re in a prime position to win the game. Almost all six-drops are worth Knighthooding and it just depends on your board.


Header - Additional Tips

  • If you haven’t used your Knighthood yet, value Polywoggle and True Love’s Kiss more highly to try and cheat into higher-level targets.
  • Princess Peep should be heavily prioritized on level 3 if you have yet to cast Knighthood as it will enable Vulture, Hippo and Godmother to immediately be extremely powerful targets.
  • Don’t weaken your board for it, but value collecting Cinder-Ella and pairs/triples of Sherwood Sureshot and Lonely Prince. This will enable finding Prince Arthur to Knighthood on level 4 to be a win condition.
  • Keep in mind upgraded characters deal three, so an early Knighthood will cause you to deal a lot of extra damage to enemy heroes if they survive.
  • Casting Knighthood on a character causes three copies of it to be removed from the pool. This is especially important if casting it on a six-drop which only has a total of 10 copies available. Let’s say you’re playing dwarves and on your first shop with 12 gold available you find a Lordy. Don’t immediately cast the Knighthood on the Lordy, instead roll your remaining six gold first to see if you can find another one in the shop. This is so you don’t remove additional copies of a card you want before rolling.
  • Gwen is one of the best options to switch into with either Mask or It Was All a Dream. Just make sure you make hand space so the Knighthood can be added to your hand. If you don’t have hand space, it’ll be added to the shop for zero gold and you’ll have to freeze it if you can’t cast multiple spells.


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